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February 2010


Since my little crash a little over a week ago, things have changed around my house. The first few days were spent trying to calm down my anxieties at the idea of losing all of my files. Then I went into panic mode of realizing just how many files I’d lose if my data is […]

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RYAY Teleseminar Postponed (or Why You Should Back-up Your Hard Drive)

It is with a little bit of sadness and a little bit of relief that I announce the postponement of Tuesday night’s Rock Your Authentic You teleseminar. Sadness because it’s an awesome hour I won’t be able to share with you just yet, and relief because I wouldn’t be able to give you the full […]

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Fear In The Present Moment

I went to the beach after my therapeutic massage to sit. I wanted just three minutes to sit and be silent. Even on an empty beach, there is no silence. I wasn’t expecting the beach to be silent, I was simply enticing my being into silence. It worked. Kind of.

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Book Relate: A Clockwork Orange

I’ve always wanted to read a single book from morning ’til night. A Clockwork Orange is not an easy book to read. Let alone in one day. But I did it. I spent an entire day reading it. Cover to cover. I’d started the book a week prior, but decided to start afresh and get […]

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Breathing In, Breathing Out #3MoS

As I’ve begun my three minutes of silence “project” I’ve started to notice my breathing. I’ve kind of skipped over the quality of the breaths for now, and am just noticing what happens when I breathe in, what happens when I breathe out. It’s not that I’ve never noticed these things before, but now I’m […]

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Love Letter to Mom

A couple of years ago I wrote a letter to my mom. I was angry and needed to get some things off my chest. Some things that didn’t belong to me. So I purged them with that letter and I felt much better. Today, I’m writing my mom a different kind of letter. A love […]

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