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The first couple of weeks of January tend to be a little crazy for me. I’m all gung-ho on the new year and everything that’s so wonderful about it. I’m excited to kick off the new year with plans and actions and action plans and plans of action and actual action (did I already say action?). I’ve been in a frenzy of getting everything started I want to happen for the whole year…workshops and new clients and webinars and online coaching tools and ebooks and downloads and connecting and networking and writing…. something seems to be missing here, what is it??



I need a break. I need some time. I need my self. I need my soul.

I feel like falling off the face of the earth. I don’t want to stay off the face of the earth, I just feel like it would be a nice change to float out there, out somewhere in outer space and feel the weightlessness of the milky way prop me up and soothe my soul.She needs some TLC. She needs to read a book from morning ’til nighfall; and take a bath with salts and oils and time; and paint on canvas with bright and vivid and timid and odd colors; and watch a matinee with a bucket of popcorn alone in a giant theater on a Wednesday afternoon; and dance around with Jackson to music while he longs for me to give him a treat; and indulge herself in a 60-minute reflexology massage; and stand on the beach in the rain and reconnect with her mother earth and the Universe.

And there’s a part of me that feels guilty about all of this needing I need. I mean, really, Dian, it’s January 20th and already you’re burnt out? Umm…kind of. See, the thing is, I never really took a break from last year. I rolled the end of the year right into the beginning and didn’t come up for air.

So I’m doing that now. By “order” of my coach. She’s taken my guilt about it and given it to the tree because the tree can handle whatever guilt I have about taking some time for myself, so that’s a relief. I hope it’s a big tree.

Time off. Good Lord, what does that even mean?? I had to make some rules for myself.

Here’s what I’m saying no to for the next 7 days:

  • Blogging (after this post, of course)
  • Twitter (oh come on…just once?? okay, fine)
  • Facebook
  • Should
  • Have to

Here’s what I’m saying yes to for the next 7 days:

  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Reading for fun
  • Laughing
  • Wanting
  • Selfish love

I need these things as much as they need me.

What will you say no to for the next 7 days? What will you say yes to?


jessicalea January.20.2010 at 8.36 pm

I really like this post Dian. I too am burnt out and found myself wanting to make a “me” list. Problem is I thought about it and then had to put it to the side as I am too busy. lol

Thank you for encouraging me to stop and say no so I can feed my soul. We need it, we deserve it. So I say “yes” to enjoying a book down at the beach, breathing in more often, laughing and not being so serious this week. My “no” is that I will say no to not taking the time for myself.

May your soul be lifted, revived and flourishing again soon. 🙂

Square-Peg Karen January.20.2010 at 9.21 pm

Dian, YES! to floating times, to breaks from to-do lists (even when they're fun things like Twitter), to everything – just for awhile, not forever. And Yes to the tree (I like that) handling the guilt – i was wondering where to put mine.

AlanaSheeren January.29.2010 at 6.27 am

Ohhhh thank you for the tree – now I know where my guilt can go. I've been feeling this intensely too. Particularly the desire to read. Yay for you for doing the yummy-much-needed-soul-care. My attempts are rather half-hearted. I think I'm afraid of falling behind, or missing something, or maybe I'm just afraid of giving myself what I need because then I have no more excuses….?

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