Downtime and The #Mindfulist

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I went to log on yesterday to write a post and WordPress was down. My admin page wouldn’t recognize my newly created (and brilliantly mindful) password, which meant I couldn’t get in to create my post. Which is a problem easily solved by opening up a word or text edit file and writing the post anyway. Except I didn’t do that.

I became so focused on getting into the the site and figuring out what was wrong with the password and why my email wasn’t fetching the reset password attempts—over and over and over again—that I completely lost sight of the point of heading to the site in the first place.

Some people think that a life coach must have everything together and behave rationally and beautifully and gracefully at all times because they’ve obviously learned all that stuff or they wouldn’t be teaching others how to do it. I’m here to dispel that myth: I’m human. Which is more a reminder for me than it is for you, because I’m quite certain I’m a harsher critic of myself than you are of me. And in my humanness, I get lost. I lose sight. I break down. I judge, I get angry, I use four letter words like shoulda and coulda and woulda and oughtta. And then I get a hold of myself.

Today’s mindfulist prompt: How do you respond when your favorite site/commenting system/email provider experiences downtime?

Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame, darli—oh no wait…this is no time for a song.

How do I respond? Well last night I responded in a manner that fit for 45 minutes a moment of frustration. But if I’m being mindful (aka creating awareness), I can see that my response was not only frustratingly unproductive, but also just plain ol’ unproductive. Not only did I not get into my site because there was something going on outside of my control, but I didn’t get anything else done while I was in my futile attempt to make it work! Great. Awareness created.

Now what?

Now it’s time to be mindful. I’ve become aware after the fact, and now it’s time to catch myself in the act. When something’s not working it’s in my nature to try and fix it. But what if fixing it is beyond my control? And how will I know if it’s out of my hands? Ah, but there’s a step to consider before all of this…it’s called The Big Picture.

Looking at The Big Picture helps me determine whether or not fixing “it” is the best use of my time right then and there. And I can assure you that 9 times out of 10, I can wait to check email or send a tweet or publish one of these here blogs. How do I know this? I’m not an emergency room doctor or a paramedic or a police officer who’s responsible for responding to life-and-death situations. By no means am I minimizing what I do for a living. And with that, I recognize that I could probably stand to take a deep breath, check out my plate to see what else I can do in the meantime, and then check back on “it” when I’m done. Chances are, the problem will have worked itself out. And if not, then I get to evaluate how much time I’m willing to put towards fixing “it” (if fixing is even within my reach), and then be mindful about the block of time I choose to spend doing that.

It all comes back to being mindful. Pesky little awesome mindful. If I’m more mindful about what I’m doing, I believe I will do more things that are in alignment with where I say I want to go and with who I say I want to become. I see what can happen if I succumb to being mindlessly focused…I spent 45 minutes a moment on something that frustrated me and that I couldn’t fix myself anyway; I know where that gets me. So let me try this mindful thing again and see what happens…

Are you in?

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Square-Peg Karen January.6.2010 at 7.42 pm

I am SO in! Grinning through the whole read because, Dian – this is soooo ME – so often!

The mindfulness thang is so vital – and still I let it slip (or I slip past it) so often. It's very helpful to me to read that I'm not the only one – and that other people get gnarly and use four-letter words (tho mine often start with “F” or “S” or involve “M—–F—–” or…)

Love how you share and encourage and bless all in the same post!

Julie Jordan Scott January.6.2010 at 10.40 pm

🙂 You say it so eloquently, too…. love this post, Dian.

Dian Reid January.7.2010 at 10.09 am

Thank you, Julie. Means a lot to me =)

Dian Reid January.7.2010 at 6.15 pm

Oh, make no mistake, my friend, I have a full line of actual 4-letter words in my repertoire!! LOL! Thanks for pledging your allegiance—although I know you were in before this post!! =)

Dian Reid January.7.2010 at 6.15 pm

Oh, make no mistake, my friend, I have a full line of actual 4-letter words in my repertoire!! LOL! Thanks for pledging your allegiance—although I know you were in before this post!! =)

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