What Can “G” Do For You?

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I went back through my 14 lists of gratitude and found that I had some favorites.

39 Favorite Points of Gratitude:

  1. Personal Growth, and the fact that everyone is capable of achieving it. (Day 1, #38)
  2. The sight of Jackson sleeping in the sun. (Day 2, #13)
  3. My life coach—man, have I gotten a LOT done since I began working with her! (Day 2, #33)
  4. The part during dinner where we ask each other, “What was the best part of your day, love?” (Day 2, #6)
  5. Penny Lane for all the structure it gave me when I needed it most. (Day 2, #18)
  6. My Santa Barbara beach. (Day 3, #30)
  7. The family my BFF and I have co-created. (Day 3, #31)
  8. Being present for my father’s death. (Day 4, #39)
  9. Being the impact I don’t see. (Day 4, #26)
  10. The idea to take my grandmother to El Pollo Loco on the day I found out she died. (Day 4, #24)
  11. My mom’s death. I learned that if I can get through that, I can get through anything. (Day 4, #1)
  12. Used books. (Day 5, #1)
  13. Bearing witness to kind acts. (Day 5, #26)
  14. Veterans. (Day 5, #27)
  15. Dian Marie Reid. Me. For learning to love everything about me, for judging me less and less every day, and for taking me seriously in my constant quest for growth. (Day 6, #39)
  16. Kate O’Sullivan. For helping my understand my present by way of my past, and for being a real person through it all, not just some therapist to hand a check to every week. (Day 6, #32)
  17. My Wednesday Pow-Wow Partner, who is possibly one of the most emotionally authentic women I’ve ever met, and I’m eternally grateful for her friendship and all that we choose to learn from each other. (Day 6, #30)
  18. Stacy Henderson. For inspiring me to take life as it comes to me, and not giving up just because it’s “hard”. (Day 6, #9)
  19. My Hawaii buddy and the 3AM balcony chats we had during the week of Thanksgiving in 2007 while I was trying to sort through the rubble I’d created in my life. (Day 6, #3)
  20. Jennifer Kathleen (Noticias) Klein. She makes crazy look good, and is responsible for a good many of those hearty belly laughs I love so much. (Day 6, #14)
  21. My 16th year of life, and who I became as a result of making it to my 17th. (Day 7, #18)
  22. All the baggage I haven’t yet worked through. (Day 7, #39)
  23. Curiosity (the kind that didn’t kill the cat). (Day 8, #37)
  24. That it rarely takes more than a moment to let the anger pass when I’ve allowed myself to be offended. (Day 9, #23)
  25. Acceptance for who I am. (Day 9, #24)
  26. Being myself and still being loved. (Day 9, #33)
  27. The bonds that are created by spending year after year after year with the people you link yourself to, be it by blood or friendship or love, which we hope can never be broken (even if just for now). (Day 10, #39)
  28. That I now actively participate in not sweeping things under the rug. (Day 11, #14)
  29. The connection I feel with my story, and all the ways its changed in the last year. (Day 11, #18)
  30. The inquisitive nature that picks at my brain and my life, and encourages me to look beyond what I see on the surface and accept as fact what others profess to be the truth. (Day 11, #39)
  31. The One With The Embryos“ (Day 12, #35)
  32. Finding our way back to the hotel from Barfüßer in Nürnberg, Germany, and the home video I have to prove it. (Day 13, #38)
  33. My faith in myself to always succeed. (Day 13, #16)
  34. Waking up with nothing on the agenda but coffee, relaxing and picking up an excited puppy at some point before afternoon rolls around. (Day 13, #4)
  35. The day I went solo in Japan and saw Matsumoto Castle and Nagano all on my own. (Day 14, #38)
  36. That I’ve dealt with death enough in my life to not be afraid of it, and not enough to actually experience it. (Day 14, #36)
  37. Office Space. That movie makes me laugh (and appreciate not reporting to a cubicle for the last few years). (Day 14, #7)
  38. That I know what Jackson means to tell me when he sits in front of the kitchen sink and stares at the faucet. (Day 14, #14)
  39. Reflection, without which I may not see any growth at all. (Day 14, #3)

While the lists were mostly for me in creating them, I hope that you got something out of reading them as well.

I just set a recurring appointment on my calendar to review these points of gratitude on a monthly basis, and then add 39 more to the list. For me, it’s important to take this reflection and turn it into action so that there’s actual learning, rather than assuming that I’ve learned. The active and continuous focus on gratitude helps me not only be grateful for many things in my life, but also keeps my energy flow positive, my soul learning, and my spirit authentic.

What can gratitude do for you?

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