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I’m not a stationery kind of gal. I don’t get excited about fancy paper with flowers or pretty leaves or trees or birds or butterflies printed on them. The kind of paper that gets me excited and makes me all giggly and melty inside (okay, maybe not melty) is graph paper. No, I’m not kidding you.

I love how this:

Turns into this:

I use graph paper when I’m on the phone with my clients to map out our conversations as they happen. This helps me follow along and make connections between their thoughts, words, and actions. I like the guidelines the little boxes provide on the page, and then I like being able to break those boxes and create whatever comes from our conversation. I feel like this paper, this graph paper, in all its simplicity gives me just the right amount of freedom and joy I need when I’m on the phone with a client. Plus, it appeals to my meticulous nature in putting pen to paper, and in the same breath gives me the precise amount of flexibility I need in drawing outside the lines.


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whollyjeanne December.29.2009 at 3.38 am

ha! i love mindmaps or clustering or whatever you choose to call it, too. haven't ever tried graph paper, though. am honored to be on julie daley's ( list with you. i'll be back.

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