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Okay, this one gives me a chance to plug my  web designer/social media guru/personal branding guy here. Francisco Rosales of SocialMouths. Now let me tell you why.

Number 1. Have you seen my website? (Maybe you’re looking at it right now, or maybe you’re reading this via Facebook or RSS). Now I don’t expect it to win awards or anything, but the great thing about that is that I didn’t ask for one of those sites. I asked for something simple, something clean, something that represents what I’m trying to do here. And Francisco made it happen.

Number 2. Speaking of what I wanted, when we first sat down in my local little coffee house to chat it out, I had almost no idea what I wanted. Instead of jumping ahead to what I wanted, we talked about my business. We talked about the kind of person I am. We talked about my mind-frame and what’s important to me. And from all that he helped me get really clear on the image I wanted to put forth.

Number 3. No one likes to do business with a jerk, even if the price is right. Not only is his price right, but Francisco is a super nice guy. Down to earth and down to business. He loves what he does, and it shows.

Number 4. Bottom line is that I really enjoyed working with Francisco and SocialMouths. He’s not just a guy that gets you up and running, he’s a guy who helps you understand what you’ve just done together. He gives you amazing (free) tools to use with your site/blog, and then shows you how to use them. He’ll tell you what’s out there, give you his opinion, his recommendation, and then let you do what you want because ultimately it’s your business, your dream, baby!

But why would I choose this as the best start-up of 09? Because we need more guys like Francisco. We need more companies like SocialMouths. The world is turning into a social media mecca, and if you don’t understand what’s happening out there, you’re missing out.

I’m not out to make a million dollars as a coach (although I wouldn’t turn it down, if you’re offering); I’m out to make a difference in people’s lives. What I like about SocialMouths is that they get it. They helped me put together a site and establish a personal brand to let people know that I’m out to help others, to help people clear the clutter, to get back to basics, back to a level of authenticity that will help people grow into endless possibilities of life.

We definitely need more of that around here.

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Juie Daley December.22.2009 at 6.16 pm

Thanks for telling us about Francisco, and also about your values and vision. Good luck in '10.

Francisco Rosales December.22.2009 at 8.59 pm

Wow Dian! I really don't know what to say, I'm honored and it makes me happy that you feel we were able to create something that represents who you are, I think that's the point of creating a personal brand.

The truth is that when you have an amazing human being in front of you, such as yourself, this is easier.

You are absolutely right, I love what I do but what I love even more is jamming with people like you!

Happy holidays and have an amazing 2010.


Dian Reid December.22.2009 at 11.05 pm

Happy holidays and an amazing 2010 to you, too!!

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