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Oh, the places I’ve shopped this year! To choose just one for the best of 09, that’s tough. So I have to go with the place I’ve spent the most money:

Home to the D to the Poe. By far, I’ve spent more money at the Home Depot this year than any other place. This is what happens when one buys a home. At least, in the first year, I’m told. Hopefully next year I’ll have a sexier best place to shop, but for now I’ll just be happy with all the happiness the Home Depot has brought to me this year.

The list of purchases is long [and boring] but it means something to me. It means hours of playing house, hours of projects; hours of putting things together (sometimes to figure out I put it together wrong, have to take it apart, and put it back together again); hours of being creative in my new home; and hours of being connected to my father, who is probably responsible for all of my interest in fixing things up, putting things together, and futzing around with things I have no idea about.

In fact, it’s not until I began writing this post that it dawned on me this connection between Home Depot and my father. And so, to use my best phrase of the year: Thank You, Home Depot; I appreciate you.

What’s your best shopping connection been this year?

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