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Best rush of this year, hands down, happened on the afternoon of August 28th.

The day itself was great, but the rush came about half way through when we ended up at the iFly studio at Universal City Walk.

Dian FliesThe wind in my helmet, my cheeks flapping in said wind, my arms and legs flailing about while I hovered a few feet above the ground. Oh, what a feeling!

It lasted just a few minutes, but it was enough to reopen my eyes to the possibilities other things I might be willing to try but hadn’t for fear of [insert irrational fear].

As for my fears…

I’m afraid of heights, like many people. I wonder if I’m really afraid of the heights, though. No, I think I’m more afraid of the falling. And the pain, the death that would occur from falling from a high place. Just the thought of those things makes my heart beat faster, my palms sweat, my breath quicken.

When my breath quickens, my palms sweat, my heart races, I know fear is about to take me over. So I make it a point to stop. To take a deep breath. Twelve, if I have to. I breath deep in and bring oxygen filled with calm and peace and tranquility. I breath slowly out and release toxins, fear, and anxiety. And when the fear is gone, I think again about taking that step forward into whatever fear is trying to stop me.

This year I’ve been afraid of meeting new people, of coaching new people, of starting a business, of buying a home, of creating a networking group, of reaching out to strangers, of truly owning my authenticity. The fear of each of these things could have kept me safely grounded in my small space of comfort. But I know authenticity doesn’t mean comfort. It means honoring who I am and the person I’m becoming. So I stepped forward and made some changes. I was still scared half out of my mind sometimes, but I did a lot of it anyway. I own my own business, I co-created/founded a networking group for coaches, bought a home, I met new people, coached new people, found and honored my authenticity. I am truly a different person than I was at this time last year. And I have no one but me and you to thank for that.

What was your greatest rush of 2009? How will you allow it to change you?

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