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I’ve started some projects this year, the biggest of which is what you’re reading right now. This blog is the result of starting a project to become a coach this year. And that project has led to numerous other projects. Some were simple, some complex, but all promoted growth in some way, shape or form in my life.

This time, I’m not going to pick just one, but take you through my year of projects. Enjoy.

January. Project Buy a House. My girlfriend and I decided to buy a house. It took us less than 30 days to fall in love with a house and put in an offer. The prep required to buy a home is…well, a project. Bank statements and income proof and sign here and sign there and write this check to show how much you really mean you like this house. It can all be pretty overwhelming. Luckily, we had an awesome Realtor who walked us through the whole process and made it relatively painless. Relatively. She’s only human.

February. Project Coach Dian. I started training at the Coaches Training Institute. Is there a best new adventure in this best of 09 blog business? This would be it. This project got me to dig into myself and learn not only what it is to be a coach, but what it is to be coached. And to be coached is to learn about yourself, to get into the goods and toss them around a bit, to see which goods are still the goods and which goods needs some TLC to be goods again and which goods might serve you best left in the past.

March. Project Homeowner. This is certainly different from looking into buy a house, planning to buy a house, or even going through the process of actually buying a house. Being a homeowner means that we’re now responsible for everything. But I’m sure our house is perfect and nothing will go wrong with it ever…

April. Project Writing Space. The new house provided us with enough space for an office. And I decided to turn that office into my writing space. Or at least allow it to double as my writing space. I wanted a space where I could look out the window and be inspired. What I realized after putting that together was that it didn’t matter what was outside; inspiration to write came from within. But still, it’s nice to have a pretty view!

May. Project Equality. I drove to the middle of California (Fresno) in support of a rally for Equality in California (and the rest of the US). This project wasn’t started by me, nor will it be finished by me, but I hope to see this elusive equality the Constitution speaks so boldly of. We are all equal; after all, we’re all human.

June. Project Authentic Realities Coaching. I became my own start-up in June! After finishing my coach training with CTI, I went full force ahead and transformed the ideas in my head into an actual business. The project is still in the works—I’m always evolving, and I expect my coaching to do the same.

July. Project Finish the Book. In January 2006 my father died of gall bladder cancer. In October 2006 I quit my corporate job to take a year off to write a book about how both his life and his death affected my being. Three years later, I finally decided to kick my ass in gear and set a real deadline for finishing a draft that someone else might actually read (and edit). I finished this project little under a week “late”; without that deadline, I might be working on that draft right now instead of this blog.

August. Project Paint. I decided to pick up a few pastels, some oils, some acrylics, paint brushes and a couple of canvases. My first painting project came much easier than any after. Maybe it’s because I’ve never painted before and I don’t really know what I’m doing. Beginner’s luck. Could be. I think the first one went so well because I was so passionate about what I was painting (and it was simple).

September. Project Fearless. I decided to follow the footsteps of a dear friend and join her in 21 days of fearlessness. I explored fears and demons, expressed love and joy, tried new things and learned new bits and pieces about myself in the process.

October. Project Habit. I wanted to learn to meditate. So I decided to make a habit out of it. It worked. What I found is that it’s easy to create a habit. Harder to maintain it. And even more difficult to let it go.

November. Project Gratitude. Every year Thanksgiving reminds me to be thankful (probably reminds a lot of people). But this year, I was inspired by a friend to not just be thankful on Thanksgiving, but to find gratitude in every day. So I did.

December. Project Online Coaching. This is the current project in progress. I struggle with the idea of only coaching those who can afford my services. Generally the people I coach have almost no trouble paying my fees because they don’t see it as “paying fees” they see that check every month as an investment in themselves. They want to grow, and I support them in that. And I also understand that the economy is what it is. you can’t invest buy a home if you don’t have the down payment (anymore). So I’m developing content for an online program that allows people to receive coaching at price that fits a range of budgets, and not just the budget that fits my fees. It’s like investing in yourself a dollar at a time, and before you know it, you recognize how much you’re really worth. Like I said, the project is still in progress, and it’s moving full steam ahead. Look for more details in the coming week.

I’m not sure what project January will bring, but I know I’m up for the challenge. Without projects, we’re just sitting on the couch watching TV all day. Which is great for relaxing, but not great for growing.

What projects have propelled growth in your life?

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