Best of 09 Blog Challenge: Packaging

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Note: Every day thru December 31 I’ll be posting from this list. Feel free to join the fun. Just post your link in the comments section so I can follow you, too.

We all know that saying, good things come in small packages. I suppose sometimes that’s true. And then, sometimes good things come in no package at all. Like my house. No ribbon, no bow, no box or wrapping paper. Just the house. Which means that my house doesn’t qualify for today’s Best of 09 list: Best Packaging. But here’s what does:

Jackson EyesThe authentic, reckless abandon of love, curiosity, dog-like intelligence, and the best teaching tool for patience I’ve ever been made to use. Jackson. Sure, I’m stretching the package thing a bit, but hear me out. The package is Jackson’s fur. His cute black button nose. His waggy, almost curly tail. His little white chest patch. His paws that stretch forward while he grumbles as he lays down when he really really doesn’t want to. His cocked head when you say something he doesn’t understand but interprets it as “here’s your treat” (because everything we say to him ought to be here’s your treat). His sad little face when he knows you’re upset with him but doesn’t understand why, as you pick up pieces of [remote control, mail, Skype headset, cash, wallet, credit cards, pens, books] from his bed by the window. His awkward sideways excited run when you let him of the leash in the park. I could go on and on.

Jackson ToyWhile we got Jackson last year just before Christmas, it wasn’t until this year that his personality began to develop and shine. He began to grow into his skin and himself. he is by far, the most authentic being I know. And that makes him the best packaging of the year.

Jackson RestJackson DownJackson Happy

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