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Every year I meet new people. Certainly every month, and maybe even every week. But I’m not going to choose one of those people as the best new person of ’09. This year, the new person who’s brought me the most hope…

Obama. Maybe he’s not new, but his presidency is.

I like to believe that I’m not a political person, although this past year I’ve attended more political rallies than in all my previous years. What I’ve found this year is that I stand up for what I’m passionate about, for what I believe in. Obama is not responsible for that, but what he is responsible for is restoring Hope in my community. For the first time in eight years, I believe that my needs will at least be heard, and possibly even met. I don’t believe that Obama is perfect, nor do I believe him to be some God that will make everything okay. What he does bring to the table is possibility. An open mind. A fresh mind. A diverse mind. I mind that is still open to learning. I like to believe that I see all of these things in myself. And so I do.

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floretacui December.20.2009 at 7.48 pm

great choice! i saw him during one of his town hall meetings with the public during the election year. it was amazing.

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