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Best learning experience, hands down was becoming a coach.

In becoming a coach I’ve learned about the importance of Fulfillment. This isn’t just asking, “So, what fulfills you?” and then, “Well go do that!” I’ve been able to walk in my own shoes and see what’s truly important to me. To dig deeper than just what others see or want to hear, deeper than what I think I should say because that’s what I’ve always said. Fulfillment is about finding that thing inside you, that thing that lights you up, that thing that has you dancing in the streets, in the rain, in the snow, in the sunshine, in the middle of a crowded room just because you feel like it. You’d do this thing whether you got paid or not (but of course you want to get paid for it), and you start figuring out how it just might be possible. That’s part of the learning I put myself through as I became a coach.

Then came the elusive balancing act. People think balance is about even pieces of the pie. I think balance is about managing the unevenness that is my pie. Some days I spend more on career and finances. Other days I spend more on friends and family and my significant other; more on fun and recreation; more on health and wellness (and sometimes less). Each day is different because (from what I’ve learned about myself) I don’t want a cookie cutter day of every morning “this” happens and then I have to do “that” and after “that” there’s “the other thing” that needs attention. But when you set out to live like that, you have to be able to balance it all. You have to be able to stand on one leg and not fall over, to use each and every muscle in your thigh and knee and calf and foot and toe in order to keep from falling over. I’m still in the process of this learning, but I’m managing it quite well these days. And I’m having fun doing it.

As I manage this balancing act, I also have learned to become aware of my processes. Not the boring old processes of filing this paper once you’ve done that with it and someone has signed off on it. The processes I’ve become aware of are my internal processes. When I have “too many” things on my plate, what comes up for me? I’ve become aware of when guilt and gremlins and gluttony creep into the front of my brain and start managing my life for me. I’ve learned what works for me in counteracting those things when they come up, and I’ve learned to confront them when sidestepping them doesn’t work.

All in all, I’ve learned who I am this year. In fact, I’m still learning, because I’ve learning that I’m always growing, changing, and evolving. And within those growth spurts, those changes, those evolutions, I’ve found the spark to each.


If I’m always striving to honor my authenticity, then I’ll always be my authentic self. In becoming a coach I’ve found my authentic self. And that’s the best learning I’ve had all year.

What about you?

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