Best of 09 Blog Challenge: Insight (#best09)

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Note: Every day thru December 31 I’ll be posting from this list. Feel free to join the fun. Just post your link in the comments section so I can follow you, too.

An awesome rule I learned this year was “Nobody gets to be wrong.” When something or someone is wrong, there’s the general assumption that something or someone needs to be fixed. I don’t know about you, but I’m not broken; I don’t need to be fixed. And if you think you’re broken, you’re not. We all have learning to do while we’re here, so instead of focusing on “who’s/what’s wrong?” let’s focus on “what’s the learning here?” The moment I got that concept, that was my biggest AHA! moment of the year.


Christi Jarland December.26.2009 at 11.04 pm

Indeed. Thanks for the work you do. CJ

Dian Reid December.30.2009 at 8.45 am


Dian Reid December.30.2009 at 4.45 pm


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