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Today’s prompt:

What’s a gift you gave yourself this year that has kept on giving?

The more of these best of 09 challenges I go through, the more I realize what this year has really been about: Me. But not me in a narcissistic, all-about-me-nothing-about-you, I’m-great-and-you-suck way. Me in a totally healthy, taking-care-of-myself, caring, nurturing, finding-my-authenticity kind of way.

When I come from my own place of authenticity, I find that I don’t get offended by people nearly as often as I used to; it’s clearer that what they say is more about them and/or their baggage, and less (if anything at all) about me.

From this place of authenticity, I get more of what I want out of life because I rarely stand silent when it comes to sticking up for myself or the things/people I care about. Sometimes it’s little things like asking the coffee shop to turn down the music when it’s blaring and I’m trying to have a meeting or conversation. Sometimes it’s things like asking the man in the wheel chair to pick up his empty bottle of vodka and put it in the trash after he’s poured it into his “coffee” mug instead of letting him leave it on the front lawn because I abhor confrontation. And sometimes it’s a big thing like telling people in no uncertain terms that discrimination against gay (and lesbian, bisexual, & transgendered) people is a violation of human rights, when it comes to things like relationships, health care, and that big deal called marriage. I come from a family where it wasn’t okay to ask people to be quiet when I was trying to sleep, or to call someone on any given behavior—confrontation was frowned upon and then some—so this new-found freedom is…well, liberating.

I’ve found that taking care of myself really does have benefits on the inside, as well. I’m a whole lot nicer to myself, and when I feel the shoulda-coulda-woulda’s coming on, I tell each one separately, “Shut yer pie hole! SHUT IT!” It’s a great feeling telling the evil voices in your head to fuck off instead of the other way around. Don’t believe me, give it a try some time. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving…

Photograph by Alison Turner. Check her other stuff out, too, she’s awesome.


andreaowen December.26.2009 at 1.13 am

2009 I started to really spill my guts on my blog. I was astounded at the response. People that I barely knew emailing me thanking me for being so honest. That they had gone through similar situations and it was nice to know someone else had too. That were all just human. It was the most fulfilling thing that I've ever experienced.

Dian Reid December.30.2009 at 8.44 am

Thanks, Andrea. I’ll reread your comment when I’m having fears about revealing how human I am. Thank you for this =)

Julie Jordan Scott December.26.2009 at 3.47 am

Dian – this IS a phenomenal gift. Kudos to you for giving it (to yourself) and accepting it (from yourself). Brava!

Dian Reid December.30.2009 at 4.44 pm

Thanks, Andrea. I’ll reread your comment when I’m having fears about revealing how human I am. Thank you for this =)

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