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Note: Every day thru December 31 I’ll be posting from this list. Feel free to join the fun. Just post your link in the comments section so I can follow you, too.

I’m hard pressed to find much to write about for today’s prompt: What advertisement made you think this year?

If you’ve ever watched TV with me, you know that I [whatever the word that’s as close to “hate” without actually using the word “hate” is] commercials. I practically refuse to watch them. I don’t like that the sound seems to explode from the speakers once an ad comes on the air. Which forces me to mute commercials and carry on a conversation, get up and go to the fridge, the bathroom, tune out and pop open the laptop, or just sit and enjoy the silence.

In the car I rarely listen to the radio. Mainly because I work from home and I’m rarely in the care to listen to the radio. And you can bet that when I do and a commercial comes on, I immediately bolt to a station not in ad-time. I used to have XM radio, but it seemed silly to spend $13/mo on a service I’m almost never in the car to enjoy. Which means that I don’t get much of a chance to see ads of the billboard variety. I’m fine with that.

Really, the only time I find myself watching commercials is during the Super Bowl. While those ads can be funny as all get up (what does that even mean?!), I don’t find myself thinking much as a result of watching them.

So on this prompt, I’ll look to you to share with me…which ads made you think this year? Feel free to post links so I can check them out, too.

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Square-Peg Karen December.31.2009 at 1.33 am

We sure are in the same boat here – only difference is I watch baseball, not football. But yea – don't see many (and if i happen to – i pretend to be the three monkeys – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil)

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