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I just got introduced to this challenge by Gwen Bell via The Naked Elephant:

Best Blog of 09 Blog Challenge:

1. Write on one or all thirty-one of the prompts for the month of December [click the link for all the goodies]

2. A post can be a sentence, photo or 3,000 word essay

3. Link up your blog or Twitter account if you’re going to tweet your bests, on the list below (add your name to the bottom where it says: You are next…CLICK HERE to enter your link)

4. Tag your posts and photos #best09. (These are the posts I’ve read so far, saved on Delicious daily.)

5. Share your best moments of 2009 over the course of December. Don’t get hung up on details or length – if there’s an aspect of the question that doesn’t resonate, change it to meet your needs.

(I bet you wanna do it now, right? Well what’s stopping you? Go now!)

So I get to start with today. December 10. Album of the Year. What’s rocking your world? And what’s rocking my world is Brandi Carlile‘s latest, Give Up The Ghost.

I’m no music reviewer, but I can tell you this: her music speaks to your soul because it’s written from hers. It’s a mix of begging yourself to let it bend before it breaks, and loving you ’til her dying day, and telling you all about that year, and what it’s like to be the outsider looking in, and then guilty pleasure of being on her way back home to Caroline…I could go on, but I’d rather you go buy the album and listen for yourself. In fact, I’m going to go listen right now.

See you tomorrow for my best place of ’09, friends.

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