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As I started thinking about the best place of ’09 for me, I realized some of the places I thought of didn’t even happen this year. What a reminder of how time flies when you’re having fun (and even when you’re not). The road trip to San Francisco was last year, The trip to the Gorge to see Dave Matthews was the year before, and the trip to Hawaii over Thanksgiving week was the year before that. Surely there must be something from this year. And then it all comes flooding back to me…but in a good way…

The best place of ’09 for me was hands down, The Glendale Hilton, Meeting rooms A+B. What’s so great about these meeting rooms in a hotel? One weekend a month from February through June, I sat with a group of people who changed my life.

I went through CTI‘s Fundamentals course to learn that Co-active® coaching is what I was born to do. After that first weekend of getting just the tip of the iceberg, I was hooked. In March I learned about Fulfillment coaching, and what it’s like to coach and be coached by way of what really matters, deep down inside, beneath all the fears, follies, and failures. In April I learned about Balance coaching and what it means to coach and be coached by way of conscious choice, versus just taking what life throws at me and being a victim to my circumstances. May brought Process coaching, and what it means to coach and be coached in the absolute present moment—no past tense, no future tense, just right here, right now. Finally, there was In the Bones coaching, by far the most powerful. I thought it would bring the core competencies together (Fulfillment, Balance, Process), but it brought me and my coaching to its deepest level, yet. It taught me to be fiercely courageous in my coaching (and my life), and to poke and prod at the things that hurt because it’s those things that have been left alone for far too long, and are creating more pain by doing so than stirring them up to let in some fresh air. And even more important than what I learned in those rooms, I created my path; the path to the person I always knew I could be; the path to the place I never even knew existed; the path to me, to my home, to my being, to my soul.

On that path, I’ve found life-long friends in the coaches who went deep into the trenches with me. Found life-long mentors in the coaches and master coaches who led us all in our learning. Found a deep respect for myself that I never knew existed. Found meaning in my life that I only dreamed existed. And on my path, I’ve found you. For you, I am eternally grateful.

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