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Today’s best is easy. The best change to the place I live has been changing the place I live.

We went from an apartment to a condo just over a mile down the street. The short move was the best thing we could have done for several reasons.

  • No longer have to worry about when we’ll move out because of a rain leak (like at least 5 other residents of that apartment building).
  • We now have a back yard for our dog.
  • I got to install a doggy door for said back yard.
  • We can pull out pedestal sinks that don’t work for us and install vanities with drawers and storage without having to get approval from anyone but our bank accounts.
  • Owning a home has deepened our relationship with and love for The Home Depot.
  • The responsibility of owning versus renting gives greater texture to my life.
  • We were able to take advantage of a down real estate market, which leads us into the biggest (and best) investment so far in our lives.
  • We have a kitchen we can both cook in at the same time, without wanting to kill each other for lack of space.
  • I can use my drill on any part of the house Erin gives me prior approval for (like installing a wine fridge in the cabinet next to the fridge).
  • We have a real garage, with electric door openers and everything, which means we don’t have to get out of the car and into the rain to fumble with the lock on the any of the six days a year it rains in Long Beach.
  • And we no longer have to leave the house to do laundry.

Of course there are more reasons to own a home (you probably have a list all your own), but for me, owning a home means that I’m no longer throwing my money into someone else’s bank account and making them rich; I’m investing in my own portfolio. It means I’m taking responsibility for my own future. It means I’m growing up. It means I can cross owning a home off my list of top priorities for the next 2 years and move on to the next one: being financially independent. Wish me luck.

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