Gratitude List: Day 9 [Updated]

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Today I fly to Houston so see family for Thanksgiving. I love having a family that doesn’t live close enough to drive to because I never had that, growing up. It was always so easy to get to everyone, and having to get on a flight makes it more like going on vacation than getting in a car for an hour or two. The flight and the travel and the distance seem to make it easier for me to appreciate seeing them when we finally get off of the plane. So today, this makes me grateful for my family.

To me, family means connection. Not necessarily by blood or by marriage, but by heart. I see my best friend as my family because we’re connected in a way that has yet to be broken (and it seems like we’ve tried). Erin is my family because we’re connected in nearly ever facet of our lives, be it home, animals, or love and respect. And then, of course, there are my blood relatives, some of which I consider family, and others I have almost no connection with, beyond that thin thread of blood from way back in the day.

My points of gratitude today are focused on family. My definition of family. One connection at a time.

  1. Pilots.
  2. Weekends.
  3. Hearing/seeing Skip refer to me as one of her kids.
  4. Futons.
  5. 4-day trips to Houston.
  6. Our office-slash-guest bedroom.
  7. In-flight movies.
  8. Airport Starbucks.
  9. That my brother still looks mostly like my mom.
  10. The place settings for me in Houston.
  11. Co-pilots.
  12. Holiday puzzle time at Skip’s.
  13. PetSmart Pet Hotels with Doggie Day Camp.
  14. Email.
  15. Mum.
  16. Sibling banter between Erin and her brother.
  17. Uncle Rick, and all his growth.
  18. Intellectual chats around the dinner table.
  19. That I don’t have to drive when I’m in Houston. Ever.
  20. Frequent-flyer miles.
  21. Animals who are always happy to see us, whether we’ve been gone for five minutes or five days.
  22. The creative energy that buzzes when I’m around my BFF.
  23. That it rarely takes more than a moment to let the anger pass when I’ve allowed myself to be offended.
  24. Acceptance for who I am.
  25. The white board in our kitchen.
  26. Fabreeze, for those who are not as non-allergic to animals as we are.
  27. Always having a place to go, and not just for the holidays.
  28. Being able to stay home for Christmas without bricks of guilt.
  29. Pit in Skip’s living room.
  30. Taxi cabs.
  31. Beds to sleep on in Houston & Dallas.
  32. Toasts.
  33. Being myself and still being loved.
  34. That I have a brother at all, even if I don’t see him very often.
  35. Family dynamics

[Okay, I have to leave for the airport now…36-39 to come after landing in Houston.]

Love & Light to you all.

  1. (36) Airport security. Seriously.
  2. (37) The level of integrity which exudes from my new(ish) family, as I get to know them better and better with each visit.
  3. (38) Genuine smiles because you haven’t seen each other in a while.
  4. (39) Being the outsider on her way in to these amazing and unique sets of family dynamics.

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