Gratitude List: Day 7

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These gratitude lists started out as a way to be grateful and give thanks to the people and things of importance in my life. They’ve served this purpose so far. And then they started doing something else. These lists require me to do deeper. To connect with myself. To push past all the things on the list that are for others, and get me wholly into what’s important to me. The first 10 things might be easy. But beyond that, one really has to think about what quantifies gratitude.

My first three lists helped me scratch the surface. The fourth helped me dig deep. The fifth helped me unclutter my mind and strip away the reasoning behind all my gratitude, allowing me to simply be grateful. The sixth helped me dig deeper. Deep and deeper into the core of who I am in order to see the people who have had a role in me becoming me. From those people, I found traces myself. And from myself, I find…me.

Today’s gratitude list is about looking within and finding gratitude inside. And about acknowledging all the things within myself that I’m grateful for and love.

  1. My sense of humor. A fun mix of both my mom & dad, with a giant splash of me.
  2. That I don’t suck at sports.
  3. My compassionate nature.
  4. The nurturing I give myself nearly every morning with meditation.
  5. My intuition.
  6. My 10 toes and 10 fingers.
  7. Even though I need a prescription to do so, I can see clearly with both eyes.
  8. That I enjoy learning.
  9. My IQ.
  10. My feelings and the fact that I can discern the difference between most of them.
  11. My internal alarm clock.
  12. That I’m not a snoozer when I do use a conventional alarm for waking up.
  13. That I relate to a lot of people.
  14. That I trust the Universe.
  15. My hair is generally easy to manage.
  16. The yellow and brownish flecks amidst the hazel in my eyes.
  17. My personal growth.
  18. My 16th year of life, and who I became as a result of making it to my 17th.
  19. My tennis backhand.
  20. Being a homeowner.
  21. Being able to hear in both ears.
  22. Every last taste bud on my tongue.
  23. The hair on my body.
  24. My skin for keeping me together.
  25. Healthy lung capacity.
  26. My rump, without which, sitting would be a much different experience.
  27. Being able to use my words.
  28. My tears, for flushing out the toxins.
  29. My liver, for not crapping out on me after all the work I put it through in my teens and twenties.
  30. That I never really wanted to commit suicide.
  31. The joy I’m able to manifest in my life, simply by choosing to be happy.
  32. My love and respect for animals.
  33. My womanhood.
  34. Reducing the clutter in my soul.
  35. The colors behind my eyes when I meditate.
  36. My capacity for love, abundant in all forms.
  37. The raw bits of me that I’m too afraid to share here.
  38. The awareness I’ve created around my PTSD.
  39. All the baggage I haven’t yet worked through.

This list is important to create, not because it shares with the world who I am, but it shares with me who I am. It forces me to look inside myself and see who’s there. It forces me to acknowledge pieces of me that I tend to keep hidden just behind my eyes. And then it begs me to be curious about why I’m grateful for each of these things.

Want to be your authentic you? Sit down and create this list for yourself. Do it now. When you’re done, set it aside. Tomorrow, when you’ve had a chance to sleep on it, reread the list. One by one, get curious about how each item ended up on your list. Don’t second guess yourself, but trust that it’s there for a reason. Be the archaeologist and carefully sift through yourself to discover who’s there and how you came to be. This may take you a couple of hours, a couple of days, a couple of weeks…be diligent in honoring the list with your curiosity. When you’re done, follow these instructions:

Put your left palm on your right shoulder. Put your right palm on your left shoulder. Squeeze and thank yourself for just being you. And then do it again for me.

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