Gratitude List: Day 6

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The thing about gratitude is that it comes from within. It comes from a place deep in your soul that requires you to be connected to exactly that spot. Otherwise it’s not really gratitude, you’re just putting things on a list that you’ll forget about in a week’s time. Gratitude requires honoring those things that you’re grateful for. It requires acknowledgment by way of voice, by way of action. After all, action speaks louder than words on a paper that are never spoken at all.

Tomorrow I’ll get into the learning I’m creating by articulating these lists, but for today I’d like to share with you 39 people that have touched my life, for whom I will be eternally grateful. I wonder how I will keep the list to just 39.

  1. Jayme Ann Boland. My mom. I could write a book on all the reasons I’m grateful for my mother’s existence, but here I’ll just say that I owe to her my sense of humor and integrity.
  2. My now neighbor, Diane, for her kindness in trusting me and my “fuck cancer” shirt upon our first meeting.
  3. My Hawaii buddy and the 3AM balcony chats we had during the week of Thanksgiving in 2007 while I was trying to sort through the rubble I’d created in my life.
  4. Noelle Mackey for taking my photo under the pier, which gives me a face in a faceless world wide web.
  5. Erin. For trusting me when all she had to go on was her intuition.
  6. Vickie McCoy. For being an amazing woman and friend, and teaching me more about being open minded than I ever could have imagined.
  7. My grandmother. For the fiery red-head that she was from the day she was born (as she told it) until the day she died.
  8. Alice Walker. For her books—her raw, delicious, emotional books that continue to speak to my soul, no matter how many times I read them.
  9. Stacy Henderson. For inspiring me to take life as it comes to me, and not giving up just because it’s “hard”.
  10. Gerald Clark Reid. My father. For the humble, patient, loving man that he was, and for transferring all of his greatness to me with his death.
  11. The homeless man who fixed the tire on my bike, and didn’t want to take any money from me to do it.
  12. Susan the Moose. For teaching me to move forward, even in the midst of pain.
  13. My grandfather. For showing me the world, via Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, and France.
  14. Jennifer Kathleen (Noticias) Klein. She makes crazy look good, and is responsible for a good many of those hearty belly laughs I love so much.
  15. Francisco Rosales. For listening to me and turning the ideas in my head into reality.
  16. Lisa Mae. For the inspiration she exudes on a daily basis, and her constant quest for growth in sharing love, hugs, and inspiration.
  17. Jackson. Okay, he’s not a “person” but this dog lives from his most authentic self every moment of every day,  can certainly learn from that.
  18. Amber Zizza. For our indescribable kinship, that’s been undeniably there from the beginning.
  19. Sly & Killer. Again, not human. But they’ve loved me unconditionally through ten moves, four relationships, buying a home, quitting a job, starting a business, using the vacuum cleaner, and getting a dog.
  20. Heather Ann Driscoll. For that hug she gave me when I found out my mom died, and countless other interactions that taught me what it was to be true to oneself.
  21. Marie Watts Glowaski. For late nights of pool, 4×4 excursions, random road trips, and for finding me alone on a jet ski in the middle of Lake Powell, bawling my eyes out because I forgot to turn at the smoke stacks.
  22. Ellen DeGeneres. For being a sane, positive, witty, intelligent, human, and out celebrity.
  23. Mike Stiles. For putting up with me while I figured out what I needed to change in my life, and for the awesome person he is and continually strives to grow into.
  24. “Skip” & Ron. For the love and integrity in which they raised their two children, and the benefits I receive from that relationship.
  25. Darlene Blount. For being the other half of “D & D in Drive-Thru” way back when, and making my two years at McDonald’s mostly fun.
  26. Rita Crafts. For simply being Rita Crafts—a spiritual lesson in authenticity and gumption.
  27. Jenifer Marie Maxwel. For 400 years of friendship, and everything that comes with that.
  28. Dave Gilmore. I already mentioned him on a previous list for being the best business mentor I ever had. On this list, I’m grateful for the love and support he gave me while my father was dying and the rest of my life seemed to be falling apart after his death.
  29. Alison Turner. I already mentioned her, as well, linking to her travels and her photography. This time, I speak to her character. She is constantly seeking to grow and learn, and ultimately move forward while learning from the past, but not dragging it around with her.
  30. My Wednesday Pow-Wow Partner, who is possibly one of the most emotionally authentic women I’ve ever met, and I’m eternally grateful for her friendship and all that we choose to learn from each other.
  31. Ann E. Metzger. For walking me through my first real estate experience, and keeping me focused on what was important to me, versus what was important to my uncle.
  32. Kate O’Sullivan. For helping my understand my present by way of my past, and for being a real person through it all, not just some therapist to hand a check to every week.
  33. Ron Regenstreif. For allowing me to grow for nearly 8 years in his company, and teaching me that not all companies are only about the numbers.
  34. HAM(G). For numerous days and nights of spontaneity in our youth, and for finally getting us home from Vegas by way of “Bakersfield” on that horrible, last road trip.
  35. Kirsten Ogden. For believing in my writing and pushing me to get one of my first essays published.
  36. Arpita Diamond. For putting together the the most meaningful and fun softball team I’ve ever played for.
  37. Andrea Bahamondes. For getting me started on this gratitude kick, and for rocking the entrepreneurial world with her unconventional {naked} tools (and helping you do the same).
  38. Brandela. For always picking up right where we left off, even if we don’t see or talk to each other for months at a time.
  39. Dian Marie Reid. Me. For learning to love everything about me, for judging me less and less every day, and for taking me seriously in my constant quest for growth.

This list has me thinking about some pretty great people in my life. And how these great people all contributed something wonderful to my life, whether they knew it or not. In fact, most of these people didn’t even realize, at the time, that they were giving me anything to be grateful for. (You were just being you, weren’t you?)

Who makes your list?

Old Growth photo courtesy: glennwilliamspdx via Flickr.

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