Gratitude List: Day 5

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Today’s list comes in a bit of exhaustion. Not exhaustion of the list, but exhaustion from waking up at 5:45 this morning. I don’t normally wake up nor get out of bed that early on a Saturday `morning, but today we put on a yard sale in front of our home. It warmed my heart to see people rummage through our unwanted/unused clothes and household items and choose things that will fit into their lives. I get to clear my home of clutter, and they get a good deal on the things I’m no longer willing to hold onto. And when the sale was over, we donated everything that didn’t sell to Out of the Closet. This morning’s experience sparked some of the items on today’s list.

  1. Used books.
  2. Ralph’s Club membership rewards.
  3. Coupons.
  4. Nice people.
  5. Lump crab.
  6. People who curb their dog/s.
  7. Paper shredders.
  8. Open space in the garage.
  9. Free concerts in the park.
  10. Stocking stuffers.
  11. Airplanes.
  12. Jillie’s cooking lessons.
  13. Incense.
  14. The bank being open on Saturday.
  15. Advantage flea control.
  16. The ASPCA.
  17. Short lines at Target.
  18. Double-doubles, protein style.
  19. My girl’s freckles.
  20. Hoodies on cold mornings.
  21. Cardboard boxes and tape.
  22. One dollar bills.
  23. The brief time I got to live with my BFF many years ago.
  24. Hot showers.
  25. H2O.
  26. Bearing witness to kind acts.
  27. Veterans.
  28. Open minds.
  29. Under Armour.
  30. Hangers.
  31. Washing machines.
  32. 1st downs.
  33. Questions.
  34. Audacity.
  35. Dictionaries.
  36. Dual purpose ottomans.
  37. Free speech.
  38. Productive days.
  39. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I generally feel the need to explain myself, but today’s list finds me without that need. The fact that I post these lists publicly might suggest that I’m doing them for you, but I’m learning to know better than that. In the beginning I was hoping you’d get something out of it. And now, I’m seeing that I do.

Thank you for being the catalyst.

Hanger photo courtesy: Saad via Flickr.

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