Gratitude List: Day 3

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It’s amazing to me that the more days I do this list, the easier it is to find things in my life to be grateful for. Someone commented yesterday after reading my lists that I seem to have a beautiful life. I think we all do, we just have to look for it. And once you begin to look for amazing things in your life, they start popping up all over the place.

Today’s list:

  1. The way in which Killer sniffs your hand and then bumps her head up into it almost as if to pet herself with your hand.
  2. Our new double pane windows.
  3. Home Depot.
  4. Cordless phones.
  5. My slipper shoes for around the house.
  6. Southern California “winter”.
  7. Rainbows.
  8. Being able to work from home.
  9. October baseball, even if the Dodgers aren’t in it.
  10. The MLB Network.
  11. Sandra Rinomato for helping us not to make Property Virgin mistakes.
  12. Our king size bed and the fact that everyone in the house fits on it and there’s still room to be comfy for a nap.
  13. The guest room so we have room for company to stay with us.
  14. The Cure tattoo on my left ankle because it grounds me in my roots.
  15. Joni Mitchell for writing A Case of You.
  16. Diana Krall for covering it.
  17. Delishy (what we call food that comes from the slow cooker).
  18. Flip flops.
  19. Car horns (one saved me from getting into an accident yesterday).
  20. Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl Green Tea.
  21. Speedy recovery from colds.
  22. The sight of Jackson running around the dog park.
  23. The North Face.
  24. Mammoth Mountain.
  25. Windex.
  26. Being able to remember what my mom’s laugh sounded like.
  27. Plastic storage bins.
  28. Contacts and the fact that it doesn’t bother me to stick my finger in my eye every morning and every night.
  29. That I never needed braces (even if I wanted them really badly in elementary school).
  30. My Santa Barbara beach.
  31. The family my BFF and I have co-created.
  32. Selling the Ostrom house.
  33. Making it through my teens alive.
  34. The Container Store.
  35. Incense.
  36. Om Mani Padme Hum.
  37. Barrack Obama.
  38. Screens on open windows.
  39. A&E’s Pride & Prejudice.

Some of these things I appreciate on a daily basis and others when I remember to remember. The great thing about this list is that it reminds me to remember. A scary thought pops into my head: What if I made a list of 39 things every day for a month? A season? A year? I’ll have to think about that commitment before I jump into anything, so for now I’ll continue on until November 30th.

And I’ll enjoy the abundance of gratitude available all around me.

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