Gratitude List: Day 13

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As I create list after list after list, I realize just how many things and people and ideas and actions I’m grateful for. I’m coming to realize more and more that being grateful isn’t about being selfish and listing things and people I like, but about having an honest eye about my life and seeing the truth of it.

Gratitude is not something that ends up on a list, it’s something we feel deep in our soul. It’s something that is heart felt. Genuine. Authentic. Real. And the key is that it comes from within. Within you. You. Not your mom, your neighbor, your loved one, your church. You. These people and things surely influence the things that are important in your life, but ultimately, true gratitude can only come from you. From any other source, it is a farce.

Today’s 39 points of gratitude:

  1. Sleeping in my own bed.
  2. The paper towels that make for easy clean-up when Killer gets sick on the bed.
  3. The joint effort Erin and I make to be completely unpacked and put away before getting into bed on the night we get home from an out-of-town trip.
  4. Waking up with nothing on the agenda but coffee, relaxing and picking up an excited puppy at some point before afternoon rolls around.
  5. Genuine, thought provoking interaction with Facebook friends, and the growth invoked as a result.
  6. Aunt Becky.
  7. Public transit, without which I may not have made friends with my junior high school best friend in 7th grade.
  8. Human procreation, in all its forms.
  9. New clients.
  10. Kleenex, and the fact that I rarely need to use them for their intended use. (Although I’m in need of them today).
  11. That I’m able to exercise my mind.
  12. Police departments across the land.
  13. Car insurance.
  14. The Olympics in LA in 1984, which allowed my father to take me a soccer game at the Coliseum.
  15. Optimism.
  16. My faith in myself to always succeed.
  17. Dr. Gordon Hanusek, who delivered both my brother and I. In the same hospital. 14 years apart.
  18. I’m Not Ready to Make Nice. This reminds me that it’s not inherent that time heals everything; action is often required.
  20. All the gift cards that are now available from your local (commercial) grocer, and all the time that saves in gift giving during the holiday (and regular) seasons.
  21. Hope, as it’s described in The Shawshank Redemption.
  22. Jackson’s no-pull harness.
  23. Garage/yard sales.
  24. PBS.
  25. The History Channel.
  26. Picture frames.
  27. The pint glasses we keep in the freezer.
  28. Finding our way back to the hotel from Barfüßer in Nürnberg, Germany, and the home video I have to prove it.
  29. The 8 (or 9) months out of the year that Dodger baseball is live on TV.
  30. That Jackson only wants to play with the cats, rather than have them for a snack.
  31. NaNoWriMo (even if I didn’t participate in it this year).
  32. Matching socks, especially since I rarely wear them.
  33. Golf clubs made specifically for women.
  34. Benjamin Franklin, for that kite & key thing, and the printing press.
  35. Temporary blinds, without which we’d be on display for the entire neighborhood.
  36. Farmers markets, especially the ones within walking distance.
  37. Cranium, because it makes my mind work.
  38. Windshield wipers.
  39. The days when being wound down enough for sleep happens at a reasonable hour.
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