Gratitude List: Day 12

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I constantly find myself in analyze mode. I’m always looking to grow, looking to learn, digging deeper into that space of authenticity that is me at my core. And sometimes when I do that, I can forget about the little things that make the big things seem that much better. Is it the little things that make the big things better? or the big things that make us appreciate the little things more? No right or wrong answer to that, I’m guessing. So with that, I’ll create some awareness around the little things that I’m grateful for.

39 points of gratitude (the little things):

  1. French toast, especially when I don’t have to make it myself.
  2. Canadian maple syrup.
  3. Tennis sweat.
  4. The way Houston weather doesn’t bother my hair.
  5. Being able to practice Spanish with Gilma.
  6. The invention of the flat iron.
  7. Courteous flight attendants.
  8. Quiet passengers on commercial flights.
  9. My exceptional bladder control. I hope it’s always this good.
  10. The little fold down trays on the seat backs, which make it possible to eat on a plane without having to hold everything in my lap.
  11. Plane maintenance crews. (Okay, maybe this is a big thing).
  12. $5 mini bottles of wine on the plane.
  13. That our flight was only delayed an hour, and we made it home safely.
  14. That our home was just as we left it upon our return.
  15. Jackson’s little white patch.
  16. Toilet paper.
  17. Scotch Guard.
  18. Happening upon a live Cure concert on HDNET when football is boring the hell out of me.
  19. Catching my phone just before it drops to the ground for the forty-second time this week.
  20. Lotion with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.
  21. Extra sharp cheddar cheese.
  22. That chickens lay eggs.
  23. Thesauruses.
  24. The Norwegian Star.
  25. The water line to our fridge.
  26. Lazy Sunday mornings.
  27. The alphabet.
  28. Fabric softener.
  29. Rubber tires.
  30. Satellites in space.
  31. Running water in the house.
  32. Lonely Planet Travel Guides.
  33. The invention of the snowboard.
  34. Rachael Ray Magazine (because of how happy it makes my girl).
  35. The One With The Embryos
  36. Firefox.
  37. WordPress plugins.
  38. Steak knives.
  39. The blood in my veins, the air in my lungs.

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