Gratitude List: Day 10 [Thanksgiving Day]

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Make of this whatever it is for you. This is my Thanksgiving list for 2009:

  1. Lumpy mashed potatoes with the skins.
  2. Full plates of cooked food.
  3. Restful sleep.
  4. The dinner table.
  5. Fair card play.
  6. Sweet potatoes.
  7. Chairs with cushions.
  8. Cowboys Thanksgiving Day wins.
  9. Green bean casserole.
  10. Cranberry farms.
  11. Corn fields.
  12. Pumpkin pie.
  13. Grandma’s Crumby Apple Pie.
  14. Skim milk.
  15. Heavy whipping cream.
  16. Free range animals.
  17. Ovens.
  18. Salt & pepper, and all the shakers they come in.
  19. The look of joy in Erin’s face when cranberry sauce comes out of the can in perfect harmony, without any tears.
  20. Leftovers.
  21. Coming together as a family, even if the origins of the day are fabled and not exactly the truth.
  22. Carpeted floors and heated rooms on a cold day.
  23. Family photos.
  24. No matter where we go, there’s always room for us.
  25. Coffee + vanilla creamer.
  26. Pictures of Jax & the kids on my phone.
  27. Potato farms.
  28. Fall leaves in Houston that are nowhere to be found in Southern California.
  29. Digital photography and photos.
  30. Sam Adams Winter Lager, even though, technically, it’s still Fall.
  31. Remote controls. Ones on which all the appropriate buttons function properly.
  32. College Civil War Football games, which makes college football arbitrarily more interesting for me, since I don’t have one to call my own. Yet.
  33. Blue Bell Ice Cream (which just might be made with Heaven, it tastes so good).
  34. Loose jeans.
  35. The Thanksgiving that my 6-year-old cousin excused himself from the Turkey Table to “poot in private.”
  36. Electric knives.
  37. Memory of the days when Christmas advertising seemed to be strictly prohibited until AFTER Thanksgiving Day.
  38. Sharing the load in washing the dishes.
  39. The bonds that are created by spending year after year after year with the people you link yourself to, be it by blood or friendship or love, which we hope can never be broken (even if just for now).

Happy Thanksgiving, all. I am so grateful for everyone reading this list.

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