Give Thanks—And Leave The Asking To Someone Else

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Thanksgiving. Of course, everyone is thinking about giving thanks. Aren’t you? I’m thinking about it in a different way this year. This year, things are different—I’m different. This year, I’m more me than I’ve ever been in my life. And this year, I want to not want for anything. So I’m going to do what my awesome coach-entrepreneur friend, Andrea Bahamondes, is doing over at The {Naked} Elephant. I’m going focus on giving thanks and not asking for anything in return. But before I do that, I’m going to ask you for something.

The only thing I’ll ask is for you to read this list. And then make your own. That’s it. If you feel like sharing it, then go ahead. If you feel like keeping it to yourself, then keep it to yourself. But make the list. And then think about how you’d feel if you found out you were on someone else’s list of things and people to be thankful for. Pretty good, huh? So maybe you’ll share it, after all…

And now for the list (in no particular order):

  1. My amazing girlfriend, who loves me unconditionally and respects the whole of who I am on a daily basis.
  2. Jackson (our dog). He brings me joy every single day.
  3. My home…our beautiful, self-decorated, new windowed, first home.
  4. My clients…to see growth in another human being is truly awesome.
  5. Music, which helps me feel emotions that might otherwise have been locked inside.
  6. Meditation and the peaceful focus it brings me with practice.
  7. Compassion, without which I’d spend many more days angry for no reason at all.
  8. Oxygen, without which I wouldn’t be able to breathe and write this post.
  9. The 3-block walk to the beach from our home.
  10. My best friend, who’s stuck by through some pretty gruesome and unfun times.
  11. CTI and the amazing coaching skills I’ve learned and the network of coaches and friends I’ve been blessed to get to know.
  12. Being an American—while I don’t agree with everything we stand for, we’re still young at heart, and have an amazing capacity to learn.
  13. My runs with Jackson in the grass, which leave him calm at home and help me sleep better after the exercise.
  14. The abundance of the Universe.
  15. The sun and the moon.
  16. Quiet time.
  17. Waves.
  18. Dolphins.
  19. Fire.
  20. Water and the ability to freeze it.
  21. Technology.
  22. These pictures.
  23. My car and the money to pay for it.
  24. Food in the fridge.
  25. Awesome neighbors.
  26. Libraries.
  27. My Macbook (oh, how I love thee!)
  28. Social Media (specifically Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), which allows me to be and stay connected.
  29. My Blackberry for turning into my camera in Mexico.
  30. Our quarterly shipment of Tobin James.
  31. Fearlessness.
  32. The Pants (only the most comfortable pair of sweats in my house, that are barely hanging on by a thread after 8 years of ownership)
  33. Cuddly Canines (the rescue where we adopted Jackson)
  34. HD TV.
  35. WordPress.
  36. Dodger baseball—this is the one sport my mother and I mutually adored when I grew up.
  37. Words and my ability to use them, speak them, write them, challenge them.
  38. Personal Growth, and the fact that everyone is capable of achieving it.
  39. Conscious choice and free will.

I plan to add 39 more  to the list tomorrow.

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