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What the heck is “authenticity” anyway? Well, there’s the dictionary version:

au⋅then⋅tic⋅i⋅ty [aw-then-tis-i-tee, aw-thuhn-tis-i-tee]
the quality of being authentic (not false or copied; genuine; real); genuineness.

Then there’s my version:

the core of who I am, without judgment, without pretense, and without false representation; my genuine character.

And then there’s your version.

[insert your version here]

Now that you’ve defined it for yourself, what do you do with that? First, you practice leaving your stories behind. When you leave your story behind, all that’s left is you. You, at your core. You, and your most authentic self. Now, it’s time to explore.

Who is this authentic self? What kind of music does he/she like? (Not what kind of music does his/her spouse or otherwise like.) What is his/her favorite food? (Not what ends up on the table because majority rules.) What does he/she like to do for fun? (Not what he/she ends up doing because he/she didn’t speak up.) What does spirituality mean to him/her? (Not what did he/she grow up with.)

There are probably thousands of questions you could ask your authentic self in order to get to know him/her better. The first step is acknowledging that he/she exists. By making this acknowledgment, you are not denouncing any other being in your life, nor their importance, you are simply acknowledging your own importance. Make no mistake—you ARE important. And so are your wants, needs, desires, likes, dislikes, tastes, and dreams.

When you begin to acknowledge this authentic self inside of you, you begin to bring him/her to life. That life is what I call living in authenticity. That, my friends, is called being your authentic you. Being your authentic you is not about creating a person who others want to see, it’s about looking inside yourself and seeing who’s really there. And then living from that authenticity.

Who are you waiting for?

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