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November 2009

Gratitude List: Day 14

November 30. Is this the last day of gratitude? No; I’m still alive. And as long as I’m alive, I will be grateful. I see now that gratitude is inherent in all of us. It’s just less visible than the blood in our veins. And about that blood in our veins, we know it’s there […]

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Gratitude List: Day 13

As I create list after list after list, I realize just how many things and people and ideas and actions I’m grateful for. I’m coming to realize more and more that being grateful isn’t about being selfish and listing things and people I like, but about having an honest eye about my life and seeing […]

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Gratitude List: Day 12

I constantly find myself in analyze mode. I’m always looking to grow, looking to learn, digging deeper into that space of authenticity that is me at my core. And sometimes when I do that, I can forget about the little things that make the big things seem that much better. Is it the little things […]

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Gratitude List: Day 11

The lists seem to get more and more difficult, and if I focus really hard, I can still skim the surface without digging deep. I’m still just listing what comes to mind first, but here’s an attempt at skipping most of the skimming:

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Gratitude List: Day 10 [Thanksgiving Day]

Make of this whatever it is for you. This is my Thanksgiving list for 2009:

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Gratitude List: Day 9 [Updated]

Today I fly to Houston so see family for Thanksgiving. I love having a family that doesn’t live close enough to drive to because I never had that, growing up. It was always so easy to get to everyone, and having to get on a flight makes it more like going on vacation than getting […]

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