Habit: Day 6

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Something is happening. Something is shifting. I always knew that meditation was good for the soul, but now I’m actually experiencing it for myself. The first couple of days were great because I was excited to start something new. And what’s happened from there has been…something. Something almost unexplainable. But let me give it a shot…

This morning’s meditation focus was love.

Last night I went to The Center Long Beach to find out about Liberation 2010. In short, it’s about love and healing. (If you want to know more, click the link or check out their FB group). At the end of the event, we were guided in a short meditation on love, and I felt so empowered by it that I wanted to continue the love this morning.

I imagined a little ball of light in my chest. I imagined that the ball of light was me. Was my soul. Was love. Was the love of all the Universe. I imagined that the love and the light was growing, spreading. Through my body, out of my body, into the air. I imagined the love spreading into the homes around me. Into the people in those homes. I imagined the love and light stretching further than I could see and touching the hearts of everyone it came in contact with. I imagined people absorbing the love of the Universe and being grateful for it.

As I wandered through my meditation, bright colors again formed behind my eyes. I felt so connected to God and the Universe, and to everyone in it. Amidst the bold colors, I had a flash of black on white Japanese kanji. When I went to look up the word “kanji” to make sure I’d spelled it right, I found the exact image I saw in my head:

Tamashi - Soul

I’m not trying to make any meaning out of what I saw, I just know that I saw that symbol and think it’s interesting that the symbol means “tamashi” which translates to “soul”. That’s all I have to say about that.

As for the “something” that’s happening, I’m finding it easier and easier to feel that connection to The Universe. The more I practice this morning meditation, the calmer I feel throughout the day. And the easier it is to actually meditate.

When I first began, I spent a lot of time fidgeting and my mind spent a lot of time wandering like a puppy. I sniffed out this thought and that, led myself down one trail to another, and before I knew it, I was lost in my thoughts and had completely lost focus of my meditation. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen now after just 6 consecutive meditations. But I am saying that I don’t wander as much.

And where I wandered this morning, I was able to stay within my focus of love. Did you feel it?

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