Habit: Day 21

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This morning I woke up early. Wondering if I’d feel something different. Different because today is Day 21. Would there be a different feeling about today’s meditation? Would I feel the shift? The shift from thinking about doing my meditation to just doing it because it just comes natural? Would there even be a shift? I wouldn’t find out until I meditated.

The Meditation.

dian beachI rode my bike a few blocks to where the ocean meets the sand a little closer to the bike path. Then I locked her up and put my feet in the sand. I sat a few feet behind the furthest water line, put my headphones on and began #21. I focused on my breathing first. Even with ear buds snugly in place, I could hear the ocean greeting the sand. I felt the cool sand beneath me and a slight breeze across my face. Om mani padme hum. Breathe in, breathe out. Love in, tension out. Peace in, toxins out. Fresh in, stale out. And before I knew it, the meditation track was over and all I could hear was the water peppering the sand in front of me.

I breathed in deep and took in my meditation habit. I breathed out slowly and let go of any expectations. I looked out to the sea and was grateful for being able to share this moment with it. I thanked the Universe for my meditation and got back on my bike for a ride around town.

The Learning.

Be present. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

I almost wish I had more to say on it than that.
I mean, is it really that simple?


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