Habit: Day 13

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It’s not always easy to meditate, even if I’ve alluded to such a thing in previous posts. This morning was one of the not so easy ones. Other mornings I have distractions to blame. The car alarm going off outside. Jackson barking at a passer by. Killer rubbing her muzzle against my calm, meditative hands. But this morning, just me and my thoughts trampling about my mind kept me from having a peaceful meditation.

…The Dodgers won an exciting game last night. I wonder if they’ll sweep or take the series in 4. I shouldn’t be thinking about baseball right now. Meditation. Light. Focus. Peace. Calm. Re-lax. Breathe. What’s important? Authenticity. Got some good materials for the workshop. What else do I need? I wonder if I should be focusing on the details in meditation. Light. Focus. Peace. Calm. Re-lax. Breathe. What’s important? I feel tense. Maybe I need to release this tension. Where is it in my body. My shoulder. Should I focus on my shoulder or the tension. I can’t feel the energy. I must be doing something wrong. I’m thinking too much. I need to just be. Calm. Focus. Re-lax. Breathe…

I couldn’t quite get into a meditative state this morning, so now I’m looking at what the learning is from that. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on the meditation. I’m looking to my meditation to carry me through the day, and maybe I need to look at myself to carry me through the day. What do I normally get out of meditation that I can focus on throughout the day? Maybe I just need to relax. This doesn’t mean sit on the couch all day and watch TV. But what does it mean?

For me, it means that I’ve got a lot going on right now. I’m in the midst of preparations for 3 separate and amazing workshops, all looking to launch in the next couple of months. I’m still revising my book. I’m building a coaching practice and learning about marketing. I’m co-founding a networking group for coaches. I’m networking with various people on all of these things. I’m taking care of a puppy that doesn’t understand why I don’t just play with him all day. We just bought windows for the house. I’m getting ready for a cruise to Mexico (not that a cruise is stressful, but I’ve never been on one, and new things give me anxiety). And those are just the big things.

So with all of these things weighing on my mind, how do I get to that state of grace the meditation usually brings to me? Maybe I try a mid-afternoon meditation and see if that goes better. Maybe I take a soothing bubble bath. Maybe I go to the batting cages and get out some tension that way. There are probably 1001 ways I can release some tension today. I just need to ask myself, “What do you want to do?”

I’m finding that the meditations are great. They’re not the solution to any problems or tension, though. The solution to problems and tension? Awareness, then action. So maybe this morning’s meditation is more about creating awareness around this tension I’m experiencing and then calling me into action to release it. Yes. This is the learning for me.

What’s the learning for you?

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