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October 2009

Liberation 2010. [Updated]

A few weeks ago I went to a meeting at The Center in Long Beach for something called Liberation 2010: Answering The Call to Greatness. I left that meeting inspired. I left that meeting loved. And I left that meeting with a desire to answer my own call to greatness. And now, I’m answering that […]

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Losing Vicariously

I walked down the beach in Mazatlan in between rains, flip flops in one hand, camera in the other, and took pictures of the sand and the surf. When my comrades turned off the beach to head towards a local watering hole, I followed. I set my camera down to wipe the sand from my […]

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Digging Sense

I got an email while I was gone from someone who told me that she used to live from the center of herself, striving to learn from her experiences, figuring out who she was and who she was becoming at any given time. And then she stopped. In her case, she’d successfully gotten through a […]

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Habit: Day 21

This morning I woke up early. Wondering if I’d feel something different. Different because today is Day 21. Would there be a different feeling about today’s meditation? Would I feel the shift? The shift from thinking about doing my meditation to just doing it because it just comes natural? Would there even be a shift? […]

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Habit: Day 20

I had the most amazing experience in my meditation this morning. I am literally in awe over the feeling that came over me during the last bit of it. Truth be told, I don’t know how long it lasted, I just know that when the meditation track stopped, so did that feeling.

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Habit: Day 19

Yesterday I learned of a meditation mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, which is apparently pretty popular. Being fairly new to the meditation scene (can I even call it that?), there are many mantras and meditation tracks I’m unfamiliar with. It’s fun to learn new things and I almost feel like a kid learning all about […]

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