Habit: Day 4

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This morning’s meditation did NOT go as planned. Six minutes into it I had to get up to keep the dog from eating the cat food. I sat back down to meditate and then got wind of something not so fresh being blown inside from the outside. I got up again, with half a mind to skip the rest of the meditation, since clearly it wasn’t working.

But I did not.

Instead, I scrapped the first 6 minutes and started over. I took a deep breath, reset the meditation, and began again, with a new intention: re-lax.

With each breath in I said to myself, “re” and with each breath out I said, “lax.” When my mind would wander, I gently steered it back to the focus with, “re,” “lax.”

I noticed the colors behind my eyes: yellow and orange and blue and purple. I noticed the colors changing and shifting as I breathed in and out. As the colors got brighter, I imagined myself completely connected to God and The Universe (you may find yourself connected to Nature or Buddha or your own Higher Power). As the colors faded, I imagined that God and The Universe were allowing me to find my way back them.

I re-laxed my way into tranquility this morning and re-began my day with a quiet and calm confidence.

And then I went to the bank.

Last night I discovered that a deposit I made last week inside the bank was deposited into the wrong account. This morning I went inside the branch to have them correct the mistake, and the representative I spoke with didn’t understand what I was trying to explain to him. Almost immediately, I felt my meditation slipping away from me. Anger rose in my chest, and I became almost snippy with the man as I tried to explain myself again. He walked away to speak with another representative and I sat by myself in silence.

I closed my eyes and I saw faded colors. I needed to find my way back.

I breathed in. Re. I breathed out. Lax. The bold colors returned. I opened my eyes.

The representative returned and told me that they were able to correct the error, and that any fees that resulted from their error would be automatically reversed by the end of the business day. His demeanor was perfect. He understood my frustration and was happy to help get the problem solved quickly. I left the bank feeling calm, cool, and collected.

Part of it was the bank representative not returning my frustration. And part of it was closing my eyes again to relive my morning’s meditation.

We are all human. We all need reminders. Reminders to close our eyes. The Universe will show us the bright and bold colors, we just have to close our eyes and look for the connection.

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