Habit: Day 3

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I just finished my third consecutive 7:30am meditation. I haven’t quite created the habit just yet, but I like that I’m still looking forward to my morning’s quiet time. In just 3 meditations, I’ve even learned some things about myself. Go figure: when you set out to grow, you learn things about yourself.

One of the first things I’ve learned is that my animals want to be around me when I’m sitting on the ground, on their level. When I’m sitting cross legged in the middle of the room on a blanket, my animals think this is the perfect time to rub their faces on my exposed knees and force my still hands to pet them. I disagree.

The first day this happened, I simply tried to ignore it. I maintained my closed-eye status, but my mind could not help but notice the way the fur felt on my skin as one of my cats continually rubbed up against me for nearly the entire 20 minutes. The next day as my cat approached my meditation space, I imagined a bubble around myself. I imagined that this bubble was my space in which to meditate. I imagined that this space was mine and that the Universe did not allow anyone (or animals) other than myself inside the bubble. My cat laid down next to me for the entire 20 minutes and did not touch me. I couldn’t believe it.

This morning after I’d already begun meditating, I heard my dog, Jackson, get up and shake. I heard him click his nails down the hall on the hardwood floor. I heard him stop at the living room and I could feel his eyes on me. Again, I imagined the bubble. Almost immediately, he turned and walked away from me. Fascinating! So I imagine this bubble around me and it allows me to actually focus in the meditations.

This morning’s focus was “be-ing”. I simply noticed the sounds around me and noticed my thoughts. My focus was to remove judgment from those thoughts and just be aware of them. This isn’t so easy when the gardener is roaming around the perimeter of the house with a leaf blower while I’m trying to focus. But it was great practice. And then I changed my mind.

Instead of focusing on be-ing, I wanted to focus on silence. I wanted to silence my mind in order to just be. And when I silenced my mind, I realized that I wasn’t breathing. I realized that I would focus on a thought and hold my breath. Or breath short, shallow breaths. So I shifted my focus from silence to breathing. Slow and deep in, slow and controlled out. Slow, deep. Slow control. And this was how I finished out my meditation.

While I’ve come along way since some of my first meditations, I still have a lot to learn. Not just about myself, but about meditating. I’m learning what works for me. I’m learning that it’s okay to shift my focus, because that’s part of my learning process. I’m learning that sticking with it gives me a platform from which to grow. And I’m learning that no matter what, I’m right where I should be.

And I’m looking forward to whatever is next.

Bubble photo, courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chefranden/ / CC BY 2.0

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