21 Days of Habit

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If you do a Google search to see how many days it takes to create or form a new habit, you’ll find over 7 million links. And most of what you’ll find leads to the research of Dr. Maxwell Maltz in his book, Psycho Cybernetics. His research finds that a person develops a habit in nearly exactly 21 days. I find this interesting, given my recent 21-day exploration. I didn’t exactly follow Dr. Maltz’s formula during my days of fearlessness (doing the same thing for 21 consecutive days), but I did come out the other side a changed person

So this changed person I’ve become is in constant pursuit of happiness. I’m not always good at achieving it, but I figure practice makes perfect. And maybe 21 consistent days of pursuit makes it a habit.

I’m embarking on another 21-day journey, and sharing it all with you again. I’ll take what I learned from the last journey and apply it towards this one. I’m setting an intention to be focused in this journey. To be alive, and to be authentic. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll find this time, but I do know that I will be there. That is, my authentic self will be there. Whoever she is.

So what’s this journey about? Meditation.

I’ve meditated off and on (more off than on) for the last few years. I’ve learned that when I meditate, I feel good. I feel relaxed and alive and I have more energy when I meditate. I feel grounded and centered when I meditate. And when I meditate two days in a row, multiply all that by 5. I can only imagine what 21 days in a row will do.

In order to become habit forming, my action must be consistent. I will meditate every morning at 7:30am. I will meditate every morning at 7:30am for twenty minutes. I will meditate every morning at 7:30am for twenty minutes for the next 21 days. Starting now. And by now, I mean tomorrow morning.

Rarely do I suggest putting anything off until tomorrow, but it’s physically impossible for me to meditate this morning at 7:30am, so tomorrow will have to do.

Interesting in joining me? There’s no cost, and certainly no obligation. You can choose your own time of day to meditate, just make sure it’s as close to the same time of day every day to maintain consistency. Make sure you choose a time of day that works for you, and then stick close to that time. If twenty minutes is too long for you, then make an adjustment that works for you. Ten minutes? Five? One? Just be consistent with sitting down for the meditation and see what happens.

My goal is to hold focus on one thing during each morning’s meditation. Each day might bring a different focus for me to hold, or it may be the same. I’m just going to see what happens. My focus list right now includes: connect with my Source, release tension/anger, absorb light/peace, connect to Creativity, honor my Self, and affirmations. I may add more to my list, I may not. Take my list and make it your own, or simply make your own list from scratch.

And of course, I’ll share my experiences here. Maybe you’ll share yours too…

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