21 Days of Fearless: Day 6

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As I look back over the last 6 days, I realize that being fearless isn’t always easy; it’s also not always necessary. Sometimes life is just life, and the day doesn’t present itself with a major decision where you have to get over yourself and lean into the discomfort of change. Yesterday was one of those days.

Yesterday, I didn’t feel the fear. That jump-start and racing of the heart, the sweaty palms, the shortness of breath. I didn’t feel it at all. Could it be that I’ve conquered all my fears in just 6 days? Something tells me, “No.” This is where the Universe steps in and allows you to soak in the past couple of days before pushing you forward to see what’s next. Take it.

I got a text from a friend asking me to help her with her yard. I thought briefly of saying no, and then the idea of doing manual labor in the fresh air, under the sun changed my mind. I took my dog, and he played with her two dogs while we dug up the grass on the side of her house. We spent 3 hours with steel rakes, a couple of stirrup hoes, and a shovel digging up grass and weed roots, and filled two 64-gallon trash containers. It wasn’t until I sat in my epsom salt bath later that night that I realized what it all meant to me.

In the yard, we pulled the grass out from the roots. Some of the roots came up easily, and others fought valiantly. Some of the roots even refused to come up, and we had to hack deep into the dirt to get underneath in order to pull the whole root out. We hacked and dug in sections, and set aside small piles of grass and dirt to shovel into the trash cans. When the piles became too big to work around, that’s when we shoveled them into the cans. Dig, pile, shovel. That was the order of things. But how had I dealt with the fears and their roots in my body?

While in the tub, I meditated. I breathed in to allow relaxation in, and out to allow exhaustion out. I thought about the Epsom salt and what it’s designed to do: draw out the toxins. I meditated on the thoughts that the Epsom salt was drawing out the toxins in my body from the day of manual labor, and the week of emotional liberation. I visualized the toxins leaving my body through the pores in my skin, and then being pulled down the drain with the water as the tub emptied. I thanked the toxins for serving me by way of fear, and let them go. My mind became calm, and my body relaxed.

It’s important not only to face your fears and move through them (not around them), but also to acknowledge them for the service and learning they’ve provided. With every fear I’ve faced, I’ve either learned something new about myself or been reminded of what I already knew.

Without getting into the wind chamber, I wouldn’t know that feeling of hovering above the ground, and I certainly wouldn’t have had the paradigm shift to think that maybe one day I’ll purposely take the plunge from an actual plane in the sky. Maybe.
If I hadn’t contacted Dennis at BILY, I wouldn’t have created an opportunity to give back to the community that gave so much to me.
If I’d made the Japanese Potato Salad, I wouldn’t have exercised the muscle of taking care of me before taking care of anyone else.
By getting feedback on my book from my best friend, I learned more about our friendship and allowed it to grow stronger in my trust for her and faith in myself.
And by photo-shopping myself onto Oprah’s couch and sharing it with the world, I learned that putting myself out there is both liberating and helpful–more people knowing what your goal is=more people to help you reach it.

So, what’s next? Only the day will tell. I’m sore from yesterday’s excavation, and allowing myself some time to rest today. Sometimes being intentionally fearless also requires a break. Even a World Champion Weight Lifter has to put the weights down once in a while. The thing is, you have to lift the weights in order to put them down every now and then. How will you use your weights today?

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Karen Pery September.13.2009 at 12.34 pm

Hoping you’ll share the potato salad recipe along with the wisdom.

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