21 Days of Fearless: Day 19

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Sometimes being fearless isn’t about you. It’s about being fearless on someone else’s behalf. This was especially true today.

My friend, hit her head on the trunk of a car last Thursday night, and has headaches ever since. Not really a newsflash, as it was less than a week ago, and she hit her head pretty hard. What was not normal was the dizziness, nausea, and increased severity in pain of the headaches.

People kept telling my friend to go to the doctor, but without a car, she had to rely on others to get her there, and she didn’t want to be an imposition. Sunday night, she finally felt bad enough to just go. She called her neighbors who had offered to take her, but for whatever reason, they did not respond. By Monday morning, she couldn’t walk in a straight line, felt dizzy every time she stood up or moved quickly. I don’t know anything about concussions, but I have friends who do, so when I heard the progression of her symptoms, I contacted those friends.

Both the fire fighter and the nurse were clear in their instructions: go to the emergency room for a CAT scan, and go now. Getting her to the hospital was no easy feat.

It wasn’t that my friend didn’t want to go, more that she didn’t have insurance. A good friend of mine was in a similar situation recently, so I found out where she went. I got in my car, picked my friend up, and drove her 14 miles to the nearest County Hospital. And then spent the next 7 hours there with her.

It’s not that I didn’t have anything to do on Monday. We always have something to do. But what good are we if we just do things and don’t take care of people? Granted, I’m not about to drop everything everyday to drive car-less people to the hospital when they don’t feel well (although, that’s not an entirely bad idea). But it was good to do something for someone else, and expect nothing in return.

My friend got the peace of mind she was hoping for when she found out that she had severe brain swelling, and not an internal bleed, as she once feared. In 7-10 days, she should be back to her normal skipping, loving, hugging self.

For me, I got to think about the tattoo on my back. A yin-yang symbol: Reminds me about keeping balance in my life. Two dolphins jumping over the yin-yang symbol: Reminds me to always be a helpful creature. Fire seeping up one side of the yin-yang symbol, water cascading down the other: Reminds me that sometimes life is just that way. And the fact that it’s on my back and I can’t see it (without some major contorting or a mirror): Reminds me to let these values guide me, even when I don’t realize they’re there.

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