21 Days of Fearless: Day 17

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I’ve talked about a lot of the gritty stuff going on in my head, with my emotions, and around my fears since I started this campaign just over two weeks ago. What I haven’t spent a lot of time on has been the fun of it. From day one, I’ve been enjoying myself to the fullest.

In the space of growth, it’s important not only to recognize the growth and the discomfort in order to move through it, but also the fun and excitement of it all. Some parts of these last 17 days have been a struggle, true, but for the most part, I’ve had a blast stretching myself into growth!

For dinner tonight my girlfriend and I wanted pasta. But we had no sauce. We live in somewhat of a walking neighborhood, so we decided to walk a few block to the local grocery store for pasta sauce. And on the way, I had an idea: Let’s SKIP!! Erin looked at me as if, “You’re kidding, right?” Nope. Not even a little.

I grabbed her hand and started to skip. She followed. We couldn’t help ourselves but laugh! Two grown women, skipping down the streets of Long Beach. As we approached the store, a few men were getting out of a car in front of their home and noticed us. One man pointed us out to the others, and they all turned around and watched us skip closer to them. Huge smiles spread across their faces, and as we giggled passed them, one shouted, “Hey, that looks like fun!” I shouted back that it was, and for a split second I thought about asking them to join us, but we skipped on past without offering. The store was just a few skips away, anyway.

Once inside the store, we couldn’t help but continue giggling as we caught our breath from the experience. We floated around the store picking up the pasta sauce and a couple other items before paying at the register and heading back home. As we passed the spot where the men were, both Erin and I wondered what they must have thought about us skipping down the street. What a sight we must have been! For sure, they got a kick out of us.

A quick little thought of “Hey, let’s SKIP!” turned into a few minutes of laughter and joy for both Erin and I, but also those three men. Without even trying, we created joy in our lives! And for the rest of the night, we had fun with each other, skipping memories, dancing around in our heads. Oh, what fun it is to let the child in me run rampant in the streets of Long Beach!

And now, because of that experience, I wonder…where else can I let the child in me run rampant? Where else does she need to be let loose and bring joy and glee into my life? I’ve always noted the importance of being curious like a child, and then what about the importance of skipping like one, as well?

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