21 Days of Fearless: Day 11

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Your PathI’m having a hard time writing today’s blog. The lines of fearlessness seem to be getting blurred. I’ve come too far into it to give up now, and I haven’t completed enough to really feel like I’ve done anything. This is the part where I just have to lean into it and trust myself that putting one foot in front of the other is a good thing. The one foot will lead to the other, and the steps together will lead me where ever I’m supposed to go.

Fearlessness isn’t about having a list of things to do and accomplishing those tasks. Not to me, anyway. A list of things to do is just a To-Do List, and it ends up feeling like another list of things that I’ve got to get done, or else…. Or else, what, I don’t know. The To-Do List creates a feeling of impending doom for me, recently. I enjoy having a list to work from (lest I forget what I’m doing and end up buying $100 of crap I don’t need when I went to Target just to get some toilet paper and a tube of toothpaste). It’s when nothing gets crossed off the list that I begin to feel guilty for having it on the list at all. That’s when the “I shoulda’s” come out. I shoulda done that yesterday. I shoulda finished that project by now. I shoulda known better than to try to do this at all.

I’m learning that fearlessness takes time. Fearlessness takes time because it’s not just about doing something, it’s about changing ourselves. It’s about changing a mindset that we can’t do something. Changing the thought process we have about whatever it is that we think is impossible. So I guess really, this whole campaign isn’t about having a to-do list that does or doesn’t get done. It’s about taking some action and letting it sink in. Then taking some action and letting it sink in. Slowly, but surely, slowly AND surely, we learn how to break the habits that have been breaking us. We learn that small steps can sometimes turn out to be big strides. And we learn that more things are possible than we ever imagined.

So for today, my learning is this: “Have the courage to be patient with yourself. You and who you are becoming is worth the work, and certainly worth the wait.” I encourage you to say this to yourself every morning when you wake up, and every night before you go to bed–be fierce in your courage to be who you are and become who you want to be. BE your authentic you.

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