21 Days of Fearless: Day 10

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“There are two levers to set a man in motion, fear and self-interest.”
~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Most of my days in this fearless campaign thus far have trudged my brain into thought about fears and either conquering fears or moving forward in spite of those fears. As a result of yesterday’s fun, today was sparked by self-interest. And what interested me today? Being helpful.

In my discovery session with my life coach many months ago, we went over what my values are. Values aren’t what’s right and wrong, but what’s important to me, without judgment. Some of the things on that list were: integrity, laughing, having fun, being helpful, and being generous. It’s important to pepper our lives with the things that are important, and make sure we honor the values that bring us joy. Today, I honored my value of being helpful.

A friend of mine recently bought a house. A house that had been foreclosed on. A house that had been in shambles until a couple of weeks ago when she hired a contractor to help her get the house into a livable condition. My friend is not a millionaire. Nor a hundred-thousand-airre. She simply started saving her money a while back, and was able to afford this house, as long as she did most of the work herself, and hired professional help for only the things she could not do herself. And by herself, I mean: herself and all of her friends. Luckily for her, (not because she’s incompetent, but more that the 3-bedroom home previously housed up to ten families and six pit bulls at once, who nary made a repair while there) she has a lot of friends. And lucky for me, I get to be one of these friends.

This morning I got to tap into some of the things I learned from my father while he was alive. I got to sand walls. I got to spackle walls. I got to primer walls. I got to paint walls. I even got asked back to help with the landscaping (when she gets to that point). Okay, maybe I asked myself back, but the point is: I get to help MORE! Plain and simple, I got to help someone else. And today, there’s nothing else that could have made me feel better.

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