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September 2009

Habit: Day 4

This morning’s meditation did NOT go as planned. Six minutes into it I had to get up to keep the dog from eating the cat food. I sat back down to meditate and then got wind of something not so fresh being blown inside from the outside. I got up again, with half a mind […]

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Habit: Day 3

I just finished my third consecutive 7:30am meditation. I haven’t quite created the habit just yet, but I like that I’m still looking forward to my morning’s quiet time. In just 3 meditations, I’ve even learned some things about myself. Go figure: when you set out to grow, you learn things about yourself.

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21 Days of Habit

If you do a Google search to see how many days it takes to create or form a new habit, you’ll find over 7 million links. And most of what you’ll find leads to the research of Dr. Maxwell Maltz in his book, Psycho Cybernetics. His research finds that a person develops a habit in […]

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21 Days of Fearless: Day 21

As I look back over the past 3 weeks, I see a changed (and changing) woman. But isn’t that who we all are, anyway? We change when we look our fears in the face and make a decision to either roll forward with full steam or stand back and let the fear take us over. […]

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21 Days of Fearless: Day 20

The end of this campaign of fearlessness is nearing, and it’s forcing me to look at everything I’ve learned. More on that tomorrow. For today, I’m soaking in life. For some reason, we go after all these things in our lives, and forget entirely about who we are.

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21 Days of Fearless: Day 19

Sometimes being fearless isn’t about you. It’s about being fearless on someone else’s behalf. This was especially true today.

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