Now – Part II

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Power of NowI sat on the beach on Tuesday and re-read chapter four in The Power of Now. The line that stood out for me was this:

“Is there something you ‘should’ be doing, and you’re not doing it? Get up and do it now.”

A couple of thoughts in my head:

1) No, I’m at the beach, taking some Me Time, and there’s nothing else I “should” be doing right now.

2) Okay, maybe right this very moment I’m doing what I should be. But do I have a list of things I wish I’d done already and have just not done it? A check-mark in the yes column for that one.

On Wednesday, I met with a fellow coach to discuss our progress on a project we’re working on together. We both came to the meeting with our lists of what we needed to do in order to move forward, yet neither of us had actually moved forward. Why is that? We asked ourselves. For me, it’s the fear. The fear of actually moving forward. I don’t know what will happen once that step forward is taken. But, apparently, that’s just the future, and it’s never going to get here.

More from Power of Now:

“Your outer journey may contain a million steps; your inner journey only has one: the step you are taking right now.”

This hit me like a ton of bricks. The only step I’m taking right now is none at all. And this brought me back to thoughts about Micro-movements. I don’t have to complete my project in one step. All I need to do is to take the first step, which will lead me to the second step, which leads to the third step, which…you get the idea. My micro-movement? Stop at the printer on the way home. Nothing more, nothing less. I can do that.

On my way home from that meeting, not only did I stop at the printer, I also ordered new business cards. It had been weighing on my mind for a couple of months. In my head, I didn’t know what I wanted. In my head, I didn’t have the right materials to have the cards I really wanted. In my head, the cards I really wanted were way too expensive for me to take on right now. And all those fears kept me from moving forward. But at the printer, I knew exactly what I wanted. Keep it simple. I was able to say exactly what I wanted, just by speaking the words (even if it didn’t come out right the first time). I found out that, not only did I have everything I needed in order to create the card that fits me, but it was much more affordable than the figures in my head. Who knew?

By taking advantage of Now, by stopping at the printer on my way home, I was able to put to rest all of the fears I’d lined up in my mind. By acting on that micro-movement, I was able to accomplish the complete task in one afternoon, which I had not been able to accomplish in two months. The difference? Fearing a task does not accomplish it; doing it does.

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