21 Days of Fearless: Day 5

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Oprah and MeIn the name of going big, I’m announcing my plans to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I have no date in mind, but I’m putting my faith the Law of Attraction, and going for it. True, the picture I’ve put together isn’t the quality of a professional photo-shopper (or even a mild hack), but it works for me. The “enhanced” photo is just the beginning.

It wasn’t long after I got my first job that I dreamed of quitting that job to write a book. By the time I’d been a part of the work force for nearly fifteen years, the dream had only changed slightly: now I wanted to quit my job and write a best-selling book. But every time I thought about quitting, I found no way to justify not having a job. I lived paycheck to paycheck and could never manage to save enough money to just leave the corporate world behind and live my dream of writing a book. How long does it take to write a book, anyway?

I got sucked into watching The Bachelorette in its first year, and one of the guys after the girl was a writer from San Francisco. He mentioned taking a year off to write his latest book. A year? Well, I could save up enough money to take a year off. And even when the opportunity presented itself, I still needed convincing. I can’t just take a year off. I’d be wasting all that money…. Then a friend offered a simple question: “Why not?” Every time I found an excuse, he came back with, “Why not?” until finally I could come up with no more excuses. I quit my job of nearly eight years in October of 2006, with the idea of taking a year off to write my book–my best-selling book. Thing is, it took me a lot longer than a single year to write that book.

Now the book is finished (and by finished, I mean: in the editing process), and all that’s left to do (aside from the aforementioned editing and the necessary subsequent revisions), is to get it published. I have no idea what happens after it gets published, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I don’t mean to appear wholly calm, cool, and collected about all of this, or that I expect Oprah to just show up on my doorstop; I’m not and I don’t. What I have set my mind to is being the author of a best-selling book.

I’ve already written the book. I hear that’s the hard part. The rest will come as a result of having my vision and working hard to make it happen. The book is very near and dear to me, and based on the initial feedback I’ve received, it’s a book that many people need to read. To find out more on the book, you can go here. As for Day 5 of 21 Days of Fearless, I’m posting the above photo that I’ve doctored up of Oprah and me.

I’m letting the world see my goals, my dreams, my heart, my soul. In my head, I wonder if people will laugh at the audaciousness of the goal. What makes me think I’ll be a best-seller, let alone sitting on Oprah’s couch with my book in her hands? I know there are hundreds of authors out there who have been at it for years. Hundreds of authors who have written books good enough to be best-sellers while a famous name makes the list based on that name, and certainly not the content. I know this. So what makes me think I have something they don’t? I guess that’s it. I don’t believe I have something they don’t. I only have what I have.

I can only control my own thoughts, my own goals, my own visions. I can’t spend time wondering why someone else didn’t make the list because it takes my focus away from me making the list. It will also drive me into guilt and craziness. So for now, I give you my goal, and until I reach that goal, I promise (myself) to give 100% of every part of my being to make it happen.

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Karen Pery September.13.2009 at 12.32 pm

You are not the only one with Oprah dreams. : )

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