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Power of NowI started reading The Power of Now (yes, I’m aware it’s been around for a decade) a couple of months ago as a part of a book club that never came to fruition. The idea was to meet every few weeks, or even just once a month, and discuss one or two chapters at a time. Only, a few weeks turned into six, and then six weeks turned into nine. Next thing I know, it’s been nearly three months since I started the book and I’m barely two chapters in. This is hardly taking advantage of the Now.

I think it’s significant that in reading The Power of NOW, I chose to read slowly, to put my reading in the hands of others’ time lines and call it my own. And then had the nerve to be frustrated when I wasn’t getting the reading done as quickly as I wanted to. So rather than be frustrated with things I have no control over, I decided to get back to the book. Now.

I’m in no way, shape, or form, a book reviewer, per se; I just read them and have thoughts and reflections and sometimes I like to share.  Here is the first part of some of those thoughts and reflections:

The thing that’s struck me most about this book so far has been the idea of releasing judgment. Releasing judgment in my own mind. I am essentially asking myself to find the “off switch” in my mind. And use it. And before I can do that, I need to be aware. Tolle talks about the idea of “watching the thinker.” Also known as:

“listen to the voice in your head, be there as the witnessing presence.”

Maybe on paper it sounds kind of kooky, but we all talk to ourselves; we all have the voices in our heads that are sometimes nice, sometimes mean, and sometimes just confuse the hell out of us. Or maybe it’s just me.

I’ve put into practice, this the idea of “watching the thinker” and am noticing when I’m talking to myself. And what I’m saying. And trying to stay away from deciding whether it’s good or bad, or telling the voices how to behave at all. Right now is just about being aware. First, create the awareness, then decide what to do with it. I learned Habit #5 long ago from Steven Covey: Seek first to understand; then seek to be understood:

Let me first become aware of my mind so that I can understand it. And then I will ask it to stop and listen–to understand me.

What I’ve noticed so far is that I’m more irritable as I’m watching myself. I have this idea that I’m a calm and cool and collected individual, yet when I’m watching myself it’s like having a tiny little analyst sitting over my shoulder with a notebook, reviewing my job. My mind doesn’t understand what’s going on, so it’s rebelling. And I just have to let it rebel. Soon she will understand that I’m not here to take her away or fire her, just to ease the load and release the tension. Soon she will understand that it’s okay to sit in silence, without judgment. Soon she will see that judgment is still judgment, whether spoken aloud or not. And soon she will see the beauty, the power of silence. Of silence in the Now. Of being. In the Now.

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