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myfutureselfThis morning’s session with my life coach ended with an inquiry. Actually, four inquiries:

1. What are the 5 key choices I made in life to get be to my future self?

2. How did I get to be so successful?

3. What do I need more of in my current state?

4. What is the truth about my book and about my coaching?

She did a Future Self Visualization with me, which led me to see myself in 20 years. To see the house I live in, the furniture I have, the art on the walls, the rooms, what kind of rooms, any kids, any animals, any person. I visualized my future self and what she looks like, hair not much different than it is now but fluent in silver, faded blue jeans and a white linen t-shirt, flip flops and short finger- and toe-nails. I sat nearby and overheard a conversation between my future self and my life coach, in which my coach wanted to know how I came to be who I was. My reflection on this conversation led me to answer the above with the below:

These are as I wrote them just a few minutes ago, only edited for grammar, not for content. Below is just me. Just me and my thoughts and my process.

Item #1: What are the 5 key choices I made in life to get be to my future self?

Don’t want to be superficial here, don’t want to just say what I think I should. I guess the obvious things are to believe in myself and know that I’m making a difference. To just be me. But how do I do this? I guess that’s the way to the future is to figure out the how or to just make those choices as they come. “Cross that bridge when it gets here,” as they say. So to leave out the how and just go with the what. What are the key choices I made to become a successful author and coach? Or just to be successful? One choice I can see emerging right now is the choice to be raw. To actively be raw in my writing. And to be that way in my coaching as well. It’s actually not about the rawness of it; it’s about being transparent. The transparency is key. If someone can see that it’s not just about the beginning and the end, but if someone can see how I got from the beginning to the end, that’s the important thing. Not everyone is going to have the same experience, but there will be enough similarities that there is a bridge between whatever gaps are created by different experiences. And then with that I had a train of thought that I lost. Something to do with the transparency the bridge the gap the similar the different the fact that we are all connected, even if we’re not connected at every level. Just giving someone an outlet for validation. So the rawness, the transparency. That’s a key choice I’ve made to get to my future self. I’ve made an agreement with myself that I will be raw, that I will be transparent in all of my writing, especially when it comes to my father in this book. Especially when it comes to my emotions in this book. And with coaching, that I will be transparent in my coaching, with my clients. There is no “my agenda” only the client’s. Number 2. The other thing I guess is to stay connected to source. I feel like that’s a choice I’ve made since the beginning to stay connected while I am writing so I don’t veer off track, but also that I stay with the connection because the connection will guide me. I think that leads me to my next choice. Number 3. The key choice is to let go of attachment to any outcome. To really let go and say whatever comes of this will come of it. This is what I’m going for, so as to have a goal, and if something different comes of it then so be it because that was meant to be. It’s not a means of an excuse for not doing something, but a means of accepting whatever will come of the actions I take. When I se tout to finish this book, to be on the best seller list, something other than what I have in my head may and probably will happen. This is an extension of myself and who I am to become, so I can still move forward, still write the book with all of my original intentions, but if none of those happen, I won’t look back and say I didn’t accomplish my goal. Key choice number 3 continues. I think this is the part where I give myself up to a higher power and really let go of everything in my life. There is no way for me to control any part of my world except for my own existence. I can only control my own emotions, my own actions, listen to my own gut, my own reasoning. So really, the third key choice I made is to trust in God or a Higher Power, the Universe, the Divine that my life is on track as long as I leave it in the hands of those who know where it’s headed, because I do not. That is a complete release of control in my life and that’s a weight that’s lifted. I no longer have to be in control of my own life, I only have to act upon my gut because this is my higher self-guiding me. My Universe. My Soul. My Divine. My God. My Higher Power. Such a weight is lifted. Key choice number 5: To get this bike I just bought and to ride it. As I can hear my future self speak now: as I started to ride I become in touch with nature simply by being in it. I felt the wind in my ears, I saw the ocean at my side, I felt the oxygen in my lungs, the muscles in my legs, and they were all working together to create an experience of health and abundance. I was creating the circle of life with every cycle and I was breaking bad cycles and beginning good ones. This was the greatest thing I did because once I started riding I become more and more conscious of my health and how important it is to me and for me to continue to be so throughout my entire life. I think I shall ride a bike every day of my life until there are no more days left. Wow. I had no idea. So on to key choice number 5: This one I have to think about. I think this choice has yet to be made, let alone acted on. This maybe is something I’ve said yes to that I’ve not yet come across. This maybe is the idea, no, the action that I recognize the fear and walk through it rather than coddle it. Rather than side step it, I walk through the fear, maybe I even carry the fear in my hands so it’s not scared anymore. But this is a conscious decision I make to not let fear stand in my way of accomplishing the things that matter to me. I am an author. I am a coach. I am a friend. I am healthy. I am loving. I am so many things and fear does not keep me from any of them. This doesn’t mean I’ll jump out of a plane to skydive any time soon, as I know I have my limits and I’m comfortable with that. There’s the choice to recognize the fear and then make a conscious decision on how to move forward. Maybe that’s it. Not just recognizing the fear, but then sitting down with the fear and making a conscious decision on how to move forward. What would serve me best in moving forward around this fear? Yes. That is it. So 1-5:

1. Owning the rawness and transparency in all my writing

2. Staying connected to my source in all my writing (this supports the rawness of transparency)

3. Giving myself up to my higher power and detaching myself from an outcome, moving only forward

4. Riding the bike and honoring my health

5. Recognizing the fear and then forming a plan of action based on consciousness versus fear

Item #2: How did I get to be so successful?

This comes from simply trusting myself. Once I gave myself up to my higher power, it was easier to trust myself because I knew I was only action upon my gut my intuition which was coming directly from god, directly from my source. This made it easier to move forward with writing my first book and then not worrying about the second book until it just came. I had no idea I would write about ________ until one day I just started writing and my second book is just what came out. I can say the same of my coaching. I had no idea of how successful my coaching practice would be until I trusted that god knew I knew what I was doing and led me to all the brilliant clients I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. I’ve been able to trust that I am in the best hands because they are not my own, not anyone’s earthly anyway, but the hands of the Creator of every creation that was ever created.

Item#3: What do I need more of in my current state?

This is simply healing. Time and healing. There was a lot of damage done when I was a child and I just need time to work through the damage and heal. I need more conscious awareness of this and patience with myself. I need TLC from myself. There need to be more baths. More reading (which I’m off to a good start). More candles. More stretching. More meditating. More walks on the beach. More appreciation. More love. My current state is on the right track and it’s clear to my future self that this is the beginning of another peak. There will be more valleys and those valleys will benefit from this more time now of healing and baths and meditation.

Item #4: What is the truth about my book and about my coaching?

The truth is that my writing comes from a place of authenticity. My writing is what it is and that is myself. My writing is honest and good and while. My writing is real and for everyone. My writing is part of me. Part of me now, then and in the future. There are bits of me in my writing that are universal truths as well as individual truths. There are parts of my writing that are of the past and only of the past. They are no longer truth, but the writing is of the truth as it were then. This is the rawness that creates the truth and the readability in all of my writing. There is something recognizable in my writing of everyone that reads it because the writing does not come from me, but from my soul and is therefore true beyond any doubt because the soul is all knowing.

And about my coaching, my coaching is just me and what I know. What I know of people is that they are all knowing of themselves. They know where they need to heal and what needs to be nurtured. I know how to lead them to those places because all I do is ask the question and they follow their own path. What I know like I know like I know of my coaching, what is the truth of my coaching is that I am me in all my coaching. I am me and I encourage you to be you and that is what my coaching is.

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