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July 2009

Now – Part I

I started reading The Power of Now (yes, I’m aware it’s been around for a decade) a couple of months ago as a part of a book club that never came to fruition. The idea was to meet every few weeks, or even just once a month, and discuss one or two chapters at a […]

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Transcending Fear

I’ve been asked this week by my life coach to take a look at my fears. To be aware of where they come from. To notice where they’re leading me. To be conscious of what it is about my fears that derail me. Today was day 2 of paying attention to those fears.

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Be-ing and Micro Movements

I read an interview in a recent issue of Evolve Magazine of bestselling author and artist SARK, and a couple of points caught my attention. She tells of a Magic Cottage that had already been rented according to the landlord by the time she called on it, but when she showed up the next morning […]

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I sat in my chair thinking about how wrong it all was. How wrong that this man was yelling at this woman. How wrong that this woman was not able to ask a simple question to get further clarity. How wrong that this man was unleashing his frustration on this woman. How wrong that now […]

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My Future Self

This morning’s session with my life coach ended with an inquiry. Actually, four inquiries: 1. What are the 5 key choices I made in life to get be to my future self? 2. How did I get to be so successful?

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Getting Started

Getting started is always the hardest part. I’ve said that the best cure for writer’s block is writing. And so here I am. I decided to get started with the blog after asking all of you to get started in getting to know me. So here we go… First I didn’t know what to blog […]

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