Creating a New Normal

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Every second Saturday I run a grief support group at The Center in Long Beach. Sometimes two people show up, sometimes twenty. This past weekend we had somewhere between two and twenty; some new, some veterans; all with the same goal to identify the answer to the following question:

Who the hell am I now that ____________ is gone? Read on →

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.

~ Aristotle

Awareness and the power of contemplation. So much more powerful than mere survival, at least when you get past the whole actually being alive thing. So let’s move past that and talk about awareness, shall we?

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Why I Shut the F*** Up When I’m Coaching

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I don’t know where I am on my path right now. I feel forward movement, and yet, I feel like I haven’t moved from this spot in years. Like I’m wondering if this movement is real. I can see the landscape rolling past as I look out the window of this moving train, and it all feels like a dream I’m not sure I’m even having.

As a human being, this place is scary because it involves the unknown. As a life coach, this place is scary because I should have everything figured out by now. At least, that’s what my gremlins would have me believe.  Read on →

Creative Blog Tour

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I’ve been invited to go “on tour” and you’re coming with me!

I learned about The Creative Blog Tour from Kelly Gill, who’s taken her own blog on tour right here. What’s this tour all about? Well, let’s find out together! Read on →

Derrick Gordon comes out of the closet.This morning I scrolled through Twitter to find the news my wife had just shared with me, that University of Massachusetts guard Derrick Gordon had come out. Gordon is the first NCAA Division I basketball player to come out of the closet as gay, so it’s big news in my world.

As I watched his interview with Kate Fagan on wherein he shares various parts of his coming out story, including how he came out to his teammates, I thought, “This is so great for our community!”

I returned to Twitter to be reminded that this isn’t the sentiment everywhere. Read on →

If You Can’t Be Yourself, Who Can You Be?

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Sometimes I get all contemplative and start asking myself what it all means, this crazy, unknown thing called life. And then I remember just how simple it is, if I allow it to be.

"Where does it all lead?  What will become of us? It leads to each other. We become ourselves." Patti Smith

Everything leads us to each other. Look around. Notice the people surrounding you. You chose this space you’re in, and your choices that led you to this space have also led to you all the people in that space. Read on →

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