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  • Lost At Sea

    There are so many accounts of what it’s like to live in our current anxiety-ridden space of the unknown. People have opinions on the measures our city and state officials are taking as the pandemic permeates our lives. Governments are right but people are wrong. People are right but governments are wrong. No one is […]

  • Something’s Different / Week 1

    This first week of shelter-in-place here in Chicago has felt mostly normal, aside from the scene at our local grocery store. My wife worked from home, which she’s done in the past from time to time. I’ve been out of school since December and awaiting what’s next for the past couple of months. Our dog […]

  • It’s the questions that are important, not the answers

    It’s the questions that are important, not the answers

    The scary thing. A situation we don’t want to be in but we know is inevitable. We procrastinate because we just know it’s going to be awful. No way getting around it. Except … We try to prepare for the moment. Perhaps an exercise in listing every scenario we can think of that might come up. And […]

  • Knowledge alone is not power

    “Knowledge is power.” [“ipsa scientia potestas est” (‘knowledge itself is power‘)] ~ Sir Francis Bacon Forgive me, Sir, but I disagree. Knowledge in and of itself is a base for power, but it is not itself power. What good does knowledge do if you don’t use it? Don’t act upon it? Don’t let it inform […]

  • Inch by Inch, part April

    I don’t know how it went for you, but April moved through my life pretty quickly. Much learning was ingested, both personally and academically, although I didn’t always make time for writing it down. Thus, this recap of learning for the month of April is a bit sparse. And yet, contrary to popular belief, just because […]

  • Inch by Inch, part March

    I mentioned last month that started keeping a list in Evernote with the tag “note to self” wherein I remind myself of things I think will help me be a better me tomorrow than I am today. While I had planned on writing in more detail about some of these things during the month of […]

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